Rice farmer, wife, others attacked by gunmen



Crime scene[www.inewsguyana.com] – Fifty – nine – year Jaiswah Boodnarine, a rice farmer of Number 57 Village, Corentyne, Berbice along with his wife and two friends were attacked by five armed men last night, Monday, October 27, while in their yard.

A police media release noted that the incident occurred at approximately 21:00hrs and that the men were armed with firearm and a cutlass.

The perpetrators took away Boodnarine’s licensed shotgun along with $200,000 and a quantity of jewellery and escaped. Investigations are in progress.



  1. Gray i wish to differ with you a little on this point, first you do not need high power guns to stop any criminal, a shotgun or hand gun is very good for any fire fight, the other problem is when the guns are given out like what is going on for a long time the very guns are taken away or like so many cases its in the bag with the money and a man with a knife ,now has a firearm to do more harm to so many others, having a gun and using it is a big problem in GT

  2. game..u r the biggest or the largest idiots there is..how many in us does invade people homes?? come idiot give me the stats..om sound like u r a bandit not wanting citizens to look out for others when u come to take what they have.. u big dummie if u robbing my neighbor and i kill you are u innocent..come on big dumblell answer

  3. You are the biggest idiot there is… what does baring arms bring to countries like the us? Nothing just innocent ppl/kids getting killed

  4. Jaiswah Boodnarine, wife and frends must be reminded that Cement Rohee gat them covered for bandit attacks…
    Cement Rohee is de man dat will save Guyanese such as Jaiswah Boodnarine from the wrath of banditry..see how the bandits took Jaiswah Boodnarine gun just like that?? Imagine if Jaiswah Boodnarine neighbors were all armed with guns..high power guns…does Rohee the security God think these bandits will get away with this??


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