RETURN NEKEISHA’S HEAD …Family of decapitated T&T mom pleads with killer so she can have a ‘proper burial’


The family of decapitated San Fernando mom Eden Nekeisha Teesdale, yesterday begged her killer/s for her head so they could give her a proper burial.

Eden Nekeisha Teesdale
Eden Nekeisha Teesdale

Her funeral is expected to be held on Tuesday, and the family is hoping that Teesdale’s head would be found before then.

Her cousin, Aneesa Williams, sent a message to her killer or killers yesterday: “You all have already done her the worst—treated her unjustly. Now she is dead, please let her rest in peace. Give us her head so that we can bury her properly.”

Teesdale’s body was discovered at around 9.30 p.m. on March 15, in a barrel in the Plum Mitan River in Manzanilla.

The barrel was spotted by a passer-by who saw the woman’s legs protruding from the top of it.

Police were called in and when the barrel was retrieved, it was found that Teesdale’s body had been severed at the torso, and a crocus bag containing the woman’s upper body was found at the bottom of the barrel. (By Susan Mohammed, Trinidad Express)



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