Retired Professor killed – bound body found at his Prashad Nagar home

  • Six persons in custody
  • Stolen cash, laptop computer, I-phone among items recovered


Six persons have been arrested for the murder of a 75-year-old man who was found dead in his home last night with injuries to his head and duct tape bound around his hands and feet.

Reports are that retired Professor Parietdeau Mars, a.k.a ‘Perry’, was found yesterday around 18:30hrs yesterday in his Bissessar Avenue, Prashad Nagar  house. Relatives found him lifeless.

The now dead man’s home had also been ransacked and a number of valuables along with cash reportedly missing.

'KILLED': Professor Parietdeau Mars, a.k.a 'Perry'
‘KILLED’: Professor Parietdeau Mars, a.k.a ‘Perry’

Upon the gruesome discovery, the person(s) who found his body notified the relevant authority of the incident and rushed Mars to a private hospital immediately. However it was too late and he was pronounced Dead On Arrival (DOA) at the medical institution last night.

Commander of Police ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken, told INews this morning that initially it was members of the public who assisted the police with information in identifying one of the suspects who is said to have killed the elderly man.

“The public helped to lead to the arrest of that one suspect; they assisted with the investigation and with the diligent work of our detective ranks. The investigators questioned the suspect and he assisted with the investigation as well which led to the arrest of the others. We are expecting a breakthrough in the case before the end of today and right now we are in the process of preparing files to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for the way forward,” Commander Hicken stated.

However, he posited that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is awaiting the results of the Post Mortem Examination before they pursue the necessary course of action.

“We are awaiting those results because you know we cannot do anything about it without having the results of that examination for the cause of death to be determined,” the Commander added.

Presently, four men and two women are in police custody in relation to the matter. Investigators were able to recover a sum of cash, a laptop computer, an I-phone and a play station game system after their arrest.

Meanwhile investigations are currently on-going into the murder and robbery.


  1. my condolences to the family of the professor for his untimely death, to live until 75 years old in good health and then to be killed by youths of this country for a mere iPhone and laptop is a shameful way to lose your life, after all his achievements then retiring here to live out his life in peace only to be murdered by youths , a child growing up in a modest home with two working parents who inforce basic family rules and being taught to respect the parents and rules of the home and then to respect the law and rules of society when the go out in the world is 85% unlikely to turn to criminal ways, now if we look at the killers don’t we want to ask ourselves how can 6 youths be killing people instead of being at home with their parents doing things that youhs do but if you get a look at the parents and the life the were living you will see what may be the driving force behind why the can be so cruel at that age then maybe the social ministery can take some action to help prevent things like this from happening in the future by inforcing family laws and making fathers pay for the children the make so the can be cared for, the minister of security from Jamaica only yesterday said in this same news site that the police must wear condoms if you don’t want to support the children you make so the children will not end up being predators on the public at large maybe only god can help us now.

  2. You people use to say the PPP/C was bad but putting the PNC back into office make our country a nightmare now a nation bleeding to death everyday it make me remember the saying of Burnham stay and burn or cut and run.

  3. I am so sadden by the death of Perry who is such a close friebd of mine. A true gentleman. Rest in peace you did not deserve to die like that. Condolences to Joan and his kids and all his family. May those evil and wicked shit bags rot in hell. I wish they will hang those those bitches.

  4. The two morons the chief security guard ” dictator” and the Amsterdam fool claim that the crime rate is down and everyday some is killed–how can you APNU morons support these useless dummies?


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