Restoration of City Hall for June 2023 completion

Restoration works ongoing at City Hall

In the second quarter of 2023, the restoration works currently ongoing at the dilapidated City Hall building are expected to be completed, thus returning it to its former glory.

This was according to Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine on Tuesday during a press conference. Last year, the signing of a $780 million contract paved the way for works to commence on the building. It was slated to start in October 2021 with an expected completion time of 18 months.

“The restoration is going very well. I believe that building is scheduled to finish May-June 2023. However, so far, so good.”

Three companies: Fidis Guyana Incorporated, Bulk & Timber Works Incorporated, and OM Custom Wood Working & Restoration, had bid for the contract. Fidis Guyana, with a bid of $754.7 million, was awarded the contract.

Regarding the construction of an administrative building to house employees, the Mayor indicated that there were some miscalculations in the bill of quantities, which will have to be ironed out.

“The admin building, the entire bill of quantities that the City Engineer outlined in this contract, most of it is inaccurate. It’s that I don’t have knowledge on but this the advice I’m receiving. Both contractors in the City Engineer’s Department have faults. One time, I heard the contractor used the money, maybe a few million dollars; and I believe we paid for unmeasured works. So I believe he has to rectify it. Then we move forward,” he outlined.

“The contractor complained numerous times that the bill of quantities within this contract is not matching the building. It’s a miscalculation,” he added.

The Government of Guyana had said it was taking the lead role in the restoration of the 138-year-old City Hall building. The admin building was initially touted to house staffers after relocation from the City Hall structure to facilitate these works.

“The capital city is described as the centre of business, and we believe, as Government, it is our duty, despite the challenges of the City Council and all of the attendant issues associated with the management of the city, we have decided to take the bull by the horn and ensure that the investment is made in the city”, Local Government Minister Nigel Dharamlall was quoted as saying.

The Minister had added that Government would push for the building to be completed within the stipulated timeline, and his Ministry will not indulge in the fashion of extending contracts.