Residents peeved over GWI’s alleged dumping of sewage in Sussex Street canal


In what may be deemed as another impropriety on its behalf, workers of the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) were discovered transferring what appeared to be raw sewage from mains in Sussex Street, Albouystown, Georgetown, into the canal, much to the dismay of the surrounding residents.

Inews received reports of what GWI workers were reportedly carrying out on Sunday. Residents were said to be very concerned about their health and as such rejected the works.

The GWI truck that was on site
The GWI truck that was on site

It was evident that works were ongoing as GWI had cordoned off a section of Hunter and Sussex Streets. Further the canal appeared to be discoloured around that section where the hose was placed.

Residents related that the workers quickly removed the hose being used to allegedly transfer the raw waste into the Sussex Street Canal after a reporter from another publication had left the scene.

This latest undertaking by GWI comes just one week after it was reported that the entity had begun using the chemical Antinfek to treat its water that was being distributed to residents in Diamond, Soesdyke and Bartica. This chemical is said to be dangerous to one’s health and was even refused for use by Haiti.

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC), had issued that GWI halt the use of this chemical but the water entity in justifying the chemical’s use, argued that it was found that the residual concentration of chlorine, the substance that was traditionally used in water purification, has a short life span, thus it does not protect the water from re-contamination during prolonged storage.


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