Residents in Pomeroon River face drinking water crisis

The murky water in the Pomeroon River

Residents in the Pomeroon River, Region Two are now faced with a drinking water crisis after their only source of water is becoming unhealthy for consumption.

According to the residents, due to the prolonged dry season, the region was forced to pump water from the already low conservancy to save the rice fields and as such, that has contributed to low water levels in the Pomeroon River.

The murky water in the Pomeroon River

As a result, Atlantic Ocean at high tide, the murky water would make its way into the river making it impossible for residents to use.

Due to this occurrence, schools, businesses and other institutions are affected.

On this note, residents are appealing to the authorities to address the issue with some form of urgency.

One of the recommendations made was to implement a water distribution system along the river so residents can have access to clean, healthy drinking water.


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