Residents bemoan state of Black Bush Polder Police Station

A section of the gathering at the meeting. [iNews' Photo]

A section of the gathering at the meeting. [iNews' Photo]
A section of the gathering at the meeting. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Mibicuri Black Bush Polder Police Station is expected to undergo major renovations before the year is out.

The announcement was made during a community outreach held by the Guyana Police Force at the Black Bush Polder secondary school by commander of ‘B’ division, Christopher Griffith.

The community outreach was organized to bridge the gap between the Police Force and the communities in the polder. During a question and answer segment, a resident of Yakasari questioned why no interest is being given to the police station in Black Bush Polder.

The resident stated that the condition of the station is inhumane and man power is limited.

“Black Bush is a big area with millions of dollars and sometimes when you call the station only one policeman is there,” the concerned resident said.

Residents also raised concerns over the fact that the police station does not have a vehicle to respond to criminal activities.

“Sometimes you call the police and they say you have to come to the station and make the report. Black Bush is a big place; you can’t walk easily and go to the station. You would have to take a car and pay $3000-$5000 just to go to the station… Let us have a vehicle and not a horse as some suggested,” one resident said with support from his fellow villagers.

“I know you said Black Bush is stable where it concerns criminal activities but let us put things in place before anything happen… I am pleading with you,” the resident further noted.

However, Assistant Commissioner, Balram Persaud told the gathering there is a 13% decline in criminal activities in the community as compared to last year.

Meanwhile, in responding to the issues raised by the resident, Commander Griffith said before the year is out, the Police Station would be upgraded with vehicles to aid in the fight against crime. Griffith also stated that the Force would be beefing up the manpower as early as Monday at the police station.




  1. Do you worry my friend. Those days are about to be over. We have a new sheriff in town and he is cleaning house

    A good life for ALL Guyanese😊

  2. I often wonder what is the purpose of that particular Police Station. I see little children driving busses and riding motor cycles up and down those roads in front of the Police Station as though it dose not exist.. I see hire cars loaded even to the trunk with passengers and they do this passing the station repeatedly. I see drivers and front seat passengers not as a rule wearing their seat belts, but would immediately buckle up when they touch the Adventure Road. Then there are the private cars that vie with the hire car drivers at the entrance for passengers and every one can ride a motor cycle once they can balance themselves to walk. Sometimes I see the Police relaxing in front of the station as they admire the infractions taking place before their eyes, totally unmoved.
    The station stands in contrast to the immaculately painted court house that is nearby, it does need rehabilitation and the officers that are stationed there. Those officers do not need cars they need proper off road vehicles to be able to navigate that terrain in all weather. Now the rainy weather is stepping in they need that mode of transportation. I can remember almost loosing a pair shoes on those muddy off roads. I was fortunate to have found mine, Not forgetting the hundreds that have lost theirs over the years.
    We do not only want a well painted Police Station we are desirous of seeing officers that are serving the community they are stationed at.


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