Residents beginning to return home as floodwaters recede

Floodwaters have significantly receded in several communities allowing for residents, who were being housed at shelters across the country, to begin returning to their homes, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) said.
 All of the persons who were being housed at the Tabatinga shelter in Region Nine (Upper  Takutu-Upper Essequibo) have returned home, while 69 persons in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice)have returned to their homes.
As of Friday, 9 July, there are now 184 persons staying in shelters in Regions Two (Pomeroon Supenaam), Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) and Region Ten. This is a marked reduction of the 257 persons who were being housed in 12 shelters as of July 2.
Of those remaining in the shelters, there are 30 persons at the Barama Building in Karawab, Region Two, seven persons at the Mortice Primary HM Building in Region Five, and 147 persons across shelters in Region Ten.
There are a total of 91 females and 93 males in those shelters.
Water has receded from most of the coastal Regions including Regions One, Two, Three, and Four, with no new reports of flooding. However Regional officials in each of the respective regions continue to monitor the situation.
Water has also significantly decreased in Regions Seven and Eight, where most communities are in a safe state. However, there still remains significant flooding in Regions Five, Six, and 10. Though some areas in Region Nine have improved there are some new reports of rising levels in the river.
Please see below an outline of the situation in the respective regions:
Region One
There have been no new reports of flooding and the Regional officials continue to monitor the situation. At last report water levels had receded in riverine communities and have dropped to normal levels in the Barama River.
Region Two
There have been no new reports of flooding and the Regional officials continue to monitor the situation. In the last report, floodwaters have receded in all previously affected communities including those on the Coast and in the Pomeroon River.
Region Three
Floodwaters have receded from communities previously affected. There have been no new reports of flooding and the Regional officials continue to monitor the Region.
Region Four
There have been no new reports of flooding and the Regional officials continue to monitor the situation.
Region Five
At the Mahaica Creek area, floodwaters have further receded by about two inches, with water having receded from the residential area of Little Biaboo, however, there still remains approximately16 inches of floodwater in Big Biaboo.
In the Mahaicony Creek area the communities of Hyde Park, Easu & Jacob, Mora Point, Water Dog Creek, Karamat, Pine Ground and Governors Light remain inundated with about seven inches of water. In the community of Wash Clothes water has further receded by one inch however there is still approximately 31 inches of floodwater remaining. At Gordon Table flood water level increased by two inches as a result of heavy rainfall and is now at approximately 14 inches.
The entire communities of Burma Housing Scheme and Lower Moraikobai Village remain flooded.
At Abary Creek water has dropped by a further two inches, however, the entire community nonetheless remains affected with approximately 9 inches of water still on land.
Region Six
As a result of heavy rainfall over the past 48 hours some homes in low lying areas, yards and roads are flooded with about 10 inches of floodwater across communities from Village #35 to Epson. However, sluices and kokers are operable and the water is slowly receding, with noticeable decreases in the communities of Yakusari, Joanna, Mibicuri and Le Bolden in the Black Bush Polder District.
Region Seven
Water levels have receded by approximately 15 feet in the Kamarang and Mazaruni Rivers, and these areas remain safe.
Region Eight
Floodwater has receded from El Passo to the Left side of the Potaro River.
Region Nine
As a result of rising levels in the river, water levels in the South Pakaraimas and Deep South Rupununi are rising once again covering roads and bridges. However, water levels in North Rupununi, Central Rupununi and South Central Rupununi continue to rapidly recede.
Region 10
Officials from the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) and Regional Democratic Council (RDC) carried out a number of assessments where it has been noted that water has receded in Landersville, Three Friends Mines, Coomacka, SandHills, Riverview, Muritaro, Dalawala, Speightland and Develdt.
At Malali the flood water has decreased by approximately 10 feet. In Hururu floodwaters have decreased further by a few inches, while at Rockstone the floodwaters have receded however water remains high in the creek.

Flood water levels continue to slowly recede at Maria Elizabeth, Great Falls and Old Kara Kara, however, the water level at Kwakwani remains between two to seven feet high.