Republic Bank partners for Restaurant Week

Executive member of THAG, Shaun McGrath addresses the audience

The biannual Guyana Restaurant Week was officially launched on Thursday at the Cara Lodge Hotel in Georgetown with Republic Bank announcing its partnership to sponsor the marketing of the events.
Republic Bank has injected $500,000 into the upcoming event. The cheque was handed over by Richard Sammy, managing director of Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited, at a simple ceremony at the Cara Lodge Hotel to President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) Andrea de Caires.

Marketing and Communications Manager Michelle Johnson stated that the bank is happy to partner with the association to foster economic growth and market the restaurants both locally and internationally: “Our vision to be the financial institution of choice means that we seek to differentiate ourselves in distinctive ways – among these, the way in which we serve and engage with our communities,” she said, adding, “we are always seeking new ways to support, develop and grow the local business community and Guyana Restaurant Week provides a perfect avenue for us to do so – promoting the restaurant industry as it showcases culinary excellence for everyone to experience and enjoy.”

Executive member of THAG, Shaun McGrath addresses the audience
Executive member of THAG, Shaun McGrath addresses the audience

The bank, as a member of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana, views the event as very beneficial to the Association’s restaurant membership for the purpose of creating and boosting local and international recognition, and gaining practical business growth.
“What we also like is the coincidental connection between the Guyana Restaurant Week activities and the culinary theme of the Republic Bank Retail Christmas Loan Campaign – where we are offering our customers “All the ingredients to Make Christmas Happen,” she said.
Johnson stated that the bank was pleased that a range of different types of restaurant, both corporate and small, have decided to participate. She stated that some of the bank’s own customers are partaking in the event.
“I want to mention here that participating restaurants in the Small and Medium business category, which may need that extra financial push to prepare for Guyana Restaurant Week and beyond, can enjoy the benefits of our SME Christmas Loan Campaign which we currently have running,” she noted.
“We encourage everyone to support this amazing week of creative culinary enjoyment and all the fun and games that will be part of the event.”
Meanwhile, executive member of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana, Shaun McGrath, explained that because of the success of the first restaurant week in 2015, the association decided to hold the event twice a year. He stated that the bank’s endorsement of the event reveals that, “they see the value of it to the economy and obviously to banking because if the economy grows it is good to banking as well”.
The Restaurant Week is expected to open on November 18 and will include rum and wine promotions.
“This time we would like to change the experience of the Guyana Restaurant Week on social media, people should take funny photographs to earn points and whoever has the most points at the end of the week will win prizes, such as a free trip to New York and a confirmed weekend for a couple at the Marriott Hotel and also there are trips to interior resorts,” he highlighted.
According to a Guyana Times report, there have been 18 restaurants that have signed onto the even, so far. The Tourism Association of Guyana is optimistic that more will join up. This is the third Guyana Restaurant Week thus far.


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