Republic Anniversary greetings to all Guyanese – PNCR

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton

See full statement from the Peoples National Congress: 

Happy 53rd Republic Anniversary to all our fellow Guyanese at home and abroad.

On this day, 53 years ago, our Dear Land became the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. What did (and does) it mean for Guyana to attain this status? The PNC Founder Leader, Forbes Burnham, said it best on the occasion of the 9th Republic Anniversary: “For us the coming into being of the Cooperative Republic was the logical culmination of the struggle of independence initiated over 200 years ago by our national hero Coffy in Magdalenenburg, Berbice.  But as I have always emphasized, political independence is not an end in itself. Rather, it represents an opportunity to create a society in which all citizens are assured of social and economic justice.”

Our Constitution fully enshrines that grand vision. But as we mark our 53rd anniversary this year, we are yet to create a society where all citizens enjoy social and economic justice. Too many Guyanese still face the brunt of rampant poverty, inequality, insecurity, and exclusion. Consequently, many citizens have lost faith in whether we will ever seize the opportunity (to quote from the Preamble of our Constitution) “to develop a viable economy and a harmonious community based on democratic values, social justice, fundamental human rights, and the rule of law.”

On this 53rd Republic Anniversary, we in the PNCR and the Opposition remain confident that Guyanese can still forge such a nation. Our Party and Coalition remain committed to the aspirations of those who fought for freedom and independence over the centuries with great courage and sacrifice. We remain committed to realizing the aspirations enshrined in our Constitution on the political, social, and economic wellbeing of all Guyanese. We remain committed to ensuring Guyanese from all walks of life can enjoy a high living standard and a high quality of life.

We call on all Guyanese to therefore keep the faith in the Guyana nation. Our country has the human, natural, and social capital to do far better for all its citizens. Obstacles however stand in our path. We are confident Guyanese will make the right choices to overcome those obstacles and move this country forward. Together, we can make Guyana one of the best countries to live in.

Again, Happy 53rd Republic Anniversary to all Guyanese.