Repatriation Advisory for Guyanese stranded overseas


The following notice was issued by the Guyana Consulate in New York in relation to Guyanese who are stranded overseas: 

This notice serves to inform Guyanese nationals whose permanent country of residence is Guyana and who have been unable to travel home due to the closure of international borders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic of the following:
1. You are required to complete the repatriation form which can be found on the Consulate’s website at:
2. All forms MUST have an inked signature affixed. Electronic signatures are not accepted.
3. For those persons unable to affix their signature, a right thumb print would be accepted.
4. Forms MUST be submitted to [email protected]

Forms will be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will then contact you with the relevant travel information, once finalised.

Please be reminded that priority will be given to those individuals pre-approved by the National Covid-19 Taskforce.

Applications will be subject to delays if these guidelines are not observed.

Consulate General of Guyana
June 1, 2020