Renowned spiritual leader returns to Guyana


Renowned Brahma Kumaris Missionary for Peace, Sister Jayanti, paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo on April 25. Sister Jayanti was in Guyana for the celebration of 40 years of the Raja Yoga Centre.

raj yogaMrs Sita Nagamootoo, wife of the Prime Minister, delivered the feature address at the function which was held under the theme “Spiritual Flourishing in Spiritual Guyana.”

During brief exchanges with the Prime Minister, the India-born spiritual leader expressed joy, after returning to Guyana some 15 years later. She presented the Prime Minister with an intricately-woven scarf, and expressed good will for the work being done by the Government for the welfare of the people.

Sister Jayanti was accompanied by Sister Jean, Coordinator of the Raja Yoga Centre, according to a report from GINA.



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