Remain humble, be disciplined, have tolerance – Commander urges cops 

Commander Dion Moore

Making reference to a recent incident whereby a police officer assaulted a civilian in an act of revenge, Commander for Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) Dion Moore has urged all cops to be humbled, disciplined, and practice tolerance when dealing with the public.

“Police are trained, and one of the things within their training is to have tolerance. As police, it is expected for you to demonstrate a high level of tolerance,” the commander stated during a recent “Police and You” programme.

According to the Commander, younger ranks of today do not have tolerance when handling such sensitive situations even though they went through vigorous training. However, he is encouraging them to not be consumed with anger so easily.

“Do not allow yourself to get angry easily, when you get angry you cannot think right, when you get angry, you end up doing things that you regret after. Stay focused, stay humbled, be disciplined,” the Commander advised all ranks.

In fact, the Commander underscored the importance of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) having a good relationship with the public.

He noted that, within his division, there is a great relationship between the Force and the public.

“My approach to address issues is not just to sit in the office and wait until persons come to you. I would venture in the form of having community outreaches and walk around the communities, talk to the people, not just the old, not just the young, but every single person you come in to contact with.”

“We, the police, we are servants of the public and every living day I will communicate with my ranks and remind them that their purpose is to serve the public. Demonstrate your core values and the public will support you,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Commander noted that Region Seven has seen a 11.4% decrease in serious crimes for the year so far.

“With murder, we’re had ten murders for last year, we’re having four this year, that shows a 60% decrease. For robbery with violence, we had five last year, we only have one this year which shows a 80% decrease,” he revealed.

However, with break and enter and larceny, five were recorded this year compared to three last year which represents an increase of 66%.