Release of water from EDWC into Hope Canal proceeding smoothly – NDIA Head     

Excavators working at Hope Canal
CEO of NDIA, Lionel Wordsworth.
CEO of NDIA, Lionel Wordsworth.

[] – The test release of water into the Hope Canal from the East Coast Demerara Conservancy (EDWC) is proceeding smoothly thus far according to Head of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) Lionel Wordsworth. 

Currently on site are Agriculture Minister Noel Holder, consultants, ministry officials, contractors and other NDIA officials, to closely monitor the situation. 

The release of water began at 06:00 hrs today, Saturday June 13 and was facilitated by workers cutting the embankment of the EDWC, in the vicinity of the Head Regulator to allow the flow of water into the northern relief channel at the Hope Dochfour Outfall. 

With the current increased levels of rainfall, Wordsworth explained that it is an opportune time for the capacity and capability of the Hope Canal to be tested. The test release was essential to ensure that the integrity of the Hope Canal’s earthen dams remain intact under the pressure of the water contained. 

 “We will continue to monitor the embankments to see if there is any significant settlement or seepage,” Wordsworth said. 

He also explained that the initial level of the Hope Canal is currently at 56 GD and once this level has stabilised, it will be raised to 57 GD. 

Excavators working at Hope Canal
Excavators working at Hope Canal

This afternoon, the water contained in the Hope Canal will be released via the eight -door sluice into the Atlantic Ocean. 

The entire operation became necessary due to the high water level in the EDWC and to safeguard the structural integrity of the conservancy’s earthen embankments. 

The Agriculture Ministry had stated on Friday June 12, that the EDWC water levels were 58.25 GD at Flagstaff, 57.70 GD at Lama and 54.85 GD at Land of Canaan which was above the full supply level of 57.50 GD. The height of the Conservancy Dam is 59 GD. [Extracted and modified from GINA]


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  2. Lionell still on the Job! How the PPP is caliming that Colation is sacking left right and centre.
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