Region Three appears to be a target for criminals – Parliamentarian

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Region 3 PPP Parliamentarian, Irfaan Ali.
Region 3 PPP Parliamentarian, Irfaan Ali.

In wake of the gruesome murder of 27 – year – old Zulficar “Vicky” Namdar, Region Three Parliamentarian for the ruling Peoples Progressive Party Civic, Irfaan Ali believes that the Region is being targeted by criminals.

As such, Ali is calling on the Police Force to examine why this is the case. Ali was at the scene of murder at Meten – Meer – Zorg, West Coast Demerara on Tuesday night and spoke with reporters.

He said, “The Region [Three] has come across a lot of criminal activities over the last few weeks and I think the police need to examine critically why this Region is being targeted.”

He further added, “We had robberies in Wakenaam, now here in Meten – Meer – Zorg, Anna Catherina, Corneila Ida and yes we have seen a lot of targeted criminal activities here in this Region and I think we have to work hard in ridding the Region of these criminals.”

However, when questioned, Ali did not want to admit that government needs to share some amount of blame for the drastic increase in criminal activities. Instead, Ali spoke about the investments being made in the security sector.

“The Government has been continuously investing in the security forces…the government has been building infrastructure and are earmarking more and more resources,” the PPP Parliamentarian said.

The 27 – year – old father of two was shot to death in his parents’ grocery store on Tuesday night around 9:00h. He was the only child for Gulzar Namdar, who is the Regional Vice President of the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG).

According to Ali, the now dead young man was a very religious and loving person.

“It is very sad…you cannot explain what took place here and the type of cruelty that was meted out to the community by these criminals. I think that we owe responsibility to this family to ensure that justice is brought. This is sad not only for this community, but for the entire region, especially the Muslim community,” Ali told reporters.



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