Region Ten recording increased cases of sexual violence


Commander of Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice) Hugh Winter says there has been an increase in sexual violence cases in his division for the year so far, when compared to statistics from the same period last year.

“Speaking about sexual activities, we have seen an increase from last year to date…only yesterday Deputy Commander and one of the ranks from the Sexual [Assault] Unit went on the radio station and sensitised the public about these rape matters that coming in Region Ten because a lot rapes are reported that gives the figure an increase from the corresponding period from last year to this year,” the Commander said during this week’s ‘Police and You’ programme.

The Commander said the victims are mostly women and children. In this regard, he is urging parents and guardians to be cautious of who they leave to take care of their kids.

“We are sensitising the general public, we want to ensure and tell the parents of those individuals to ensure that they look at these persons, talk to them, the pandemic is there and they’re at home so you sometimes they have idle minds.”

Meanwhile, the Commander revealed that overall, Region Ten has seen a decrease in crime.

In fact, he said for the year so far, crime in his division contributed to 5% of overall crime recorded across the country.