Region Ten confirms 2nd COVID-19 case

Regional Executive Officer Orrin Gordon in in deep conversation with Dr Tracey Bovell Emergency Medicine Specialist at GPHC, while Medical Superintendent at Linden Hospital Complex, Dr Joseph London pays rap attention as they tour the isolation facility at Wismar hospital.

The Regional Health and Emergency Committee of Region Ten has confirmed that a second person from the district has been tested positive for COVID-19.

The confirmation was made by Medical Superintendent of the Linden Hospital Complex, Dr Joseph London who said that the 29-year-old woman is currently warded at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre.

Dr London, according to a press release from the regional administration, disclosed that the woman had displayed mild symptoms as she had complained of soar throat, fever and cough.

He disclosed that the woman was treated and sent home where she was advised to do home isolation.

He pointed out that the hospital, recognizing that she hails from the area where the first case was identified conducted a COVID-19 test on April 8.

She was then advised by the hospital to remain at home on isolation.

“After the hospital took the samples off her we advised her that she should go on home isolation as we await the results of the tests. The results returned showing that she was positive and as such, the results were handed over to the Region and Task Force,” the Linden Hospital MS said.

He disclosed that after her situation was reviewed and examined it was decided by the Regional Task force that she should be taken to the hospital. “Recognizing that the test which was conducted on her returned positive we at the hospital handed over the results over so that they can take the required actions. “I learnt that she was taken to the Diamond Hospital last night,” Dr London disclosed.

He related that an ambulance from the hospital took the woman to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, where she is currently warded.

He noted that the region continues to have an aggressive approach to the disease, stressing that all required protocols and actions are being taken as they seek to protect and safeguard residents within the region.

“We are monitoring, we are evaluating, and we are keeping a close eye out as we recognize that we need to remain proactive so as to ensure that all remain safe within Region Ten,” the MS said.

He assured that the RHO and his Wismar colleague are continuing to meet frequently as they strategize and put the required systems in place, urging the public to remain vigilant. We are appealing to all to remain at home as it is the safest way to protect one’s self while we would like all to know that from a health position we are continuing to work to ensure that we safe guard the region as best as we can,” he assured.

Guyana currently has a total of 47 confirmed COVID-19 cases countrywide.