Region Ten communities flooded


The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) dispatched an assessment team to the impacted areas of Upper Demerara/Upper Berbice (Region 10) during the past week.

After comprehensive assessments, cleaning hampers were distributed in the following areas: Block 42 – 70, Rainbow City – 12, West Watooka – 13, First to Third Alley – 67, and Siberian Village – 26, bringing the total number of hampers distributed to 188.

Cleaning hampers were also distributed in Kara Kara (22), Ladernsville (30), and Kwakwani (30).

The CDC received reports that Kara Kara, Blueberry Hill, Block 42, Siberian Village and Ladernsville (Region 10 areas) all experienced flooding as a result of heavy and consistent rainfall, and overflowing of nearby creeks and rivers.

Approximately 100 households and farmlands of Kara Kara were impacted, including latrines.

The Community Development Council Chairman indicated that the sanitary situation is their main concern since latrines almost always overflow during floods.

In Blueberry Hill and Block 42 numerous households were affected, and residents there indicated that there were improper channels for the flood waters to recede in a timely manner.

At least 20 households were impacted in Siberian Village, but residents and members of the Community Development Council cleaned the clogged drains in the area allowing the water to recede quickly. In Ladernsville, 10 households were affected and residents there indicated that there are insufficient drains to facilitate proper water recession.

The CDC is continuously monitoring the situation in Region 10 and are working in tandem with the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) and the Community Development Council to receive timely updates. Residents in Region 10 and other Regions across Guyana are encouraged to take all necessary steps to ensure that they are prepared for consistent rainfall and possible flooding.