Region Six’s RDC passes motions to assist retrenched sugar workers


The Region Six Regional Democratic Council (RDC) passed two motions during their statutory meeting, in the first week of February. The first motion will see the provision of free transportation to school for children of retrenched sugar workers in Skeldon, East Canje Berbice and along the East Bank of Berbice, while the second ensures the granting of subsidies for electricity and water to the affected workers.

File photo: Retrenched sugar workers

The motions were presented to the house by the Regional Vice Chairman Denis Deroop who explained that as the redundant sugar workers seek alternative employment, it was fitting that the RDC provide financing for transportation for their (retrenched workers) children in the Rose Hall, Canje East Bank area and Crabwood Creek to Number 56 village on the Corentyne.

Turning his attention to the second motion that will see subsidies for electricity and water being provided to the retrenched sugar workers, the Vice Chairman related that it will be a temporary initiative until the workers can find alternative employment.

The motions were passed as there were no objections.

In what is described as the largest retrenchment by a private or public corporation in recent history, the state owned Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) as part of its plans to restructure the sugar industry has dismissed in excess of 4500 sugar workers from various estates. 


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