Region One is callously neglected by Gov’t – APNU

The Mabaruma Road.

Parliamentarians for A Partnership for National Unity [APNU] are of the opinion that Barima- Waini Region has been callously neglected by the PPP/C Government.

In a press release this afternoon, APNU called on the Minister of Public Works and the Ministry of Local Government to take immediate action to alleviate the neglect and hardships endured on a daily basis by the residents of Barbina Hill and the surrounding villages.

“APNU Members of Parliament visited Mabaruma and observed the impassable conditions that exist on the Barbina Hill Road, where sections of that road are covered with water and residents are forced to take a boat in order to get to, or from Mabaruma.”

According to APNU, “Residents told our MP’s that Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn and Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai visited the area and observed the conditions, but nothing has been done to solve their problems.”

The Opposition Party noted that the residents of Barbina Hill have to pay $100.00 (one-way) to cross the water logged section of the road.

Residents also claimed that the boat that was being used to ferry residents across the road, is a boat that is assigned to the Ministry of Health.

“APNU has learned that because the Health Ministry’s boat is being used to ferry person on the road, the Hospital is unable to properly service residents in the riverain areas.”

APNU is shocked and disappointed with the state of total disrepair at the Morawhanna School, a facility that was not equipped to meet its mandate.

According to APNU, the compound was flooded, making it difficult for the students to get to and from the building.

“The sanitary block (Latrine) was covered with brush and tall grass, and the general appearance was one of total neglect.”

The Party noted that residents of Region One, who must travel to and from Georgetown, must endure a horrible thirty-six hour journey on a dilapidated ferry that is prone to engine failure and fires.

“At Mathews Ridge our MP’s were shown the hospital Morgue; a facility with no freezing capacity, where the dead are covered with ice (when there is ice).

At Port Kaituma APNU MP’s observed latrines that are built over the river (Kaituma River) and upstream from the Guyana Water Authority pumps.”

APNU is calling on all the relevant government Ministries and Agencies to immediately take measures to address the neglect and suffering of the people of the Barima –Waini.