Region Four moves ahead with consultations on regional name, flag and emblem


Chairperson of Region four, Genevieve Allen, has stated that region-wide consultations on the regional flag, emblem and renaming is proceeding with much success, according to GINA.

Region Four Chairperson, Genevieve Allen

In keeping with a decision taken at the inaugural meeting of the National Regional Development Consultative Committee (NRDCC) in January, the Regional Administration of Region Four, in early February, began consultations on the initiative and is hoping to conclude in time for the April 30 deadline set to return to the NRDCC with a decision.

According to GINA, Allen was part of a ministerial team comprising Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan and Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Valerie Garrido-Lowe, that visited Region Eight  and met with the RDC to address issues pertaining to the region’s development.

Sharing the experiences of Region Four, Allen said that residents have been suggesting what they would want to see on the Region Four flag and as the emblem.

“Some of them have even said to us, why only have two colours? They have said to us that maybe you can have the addition of another colour to reflect the agriculture base that is within our region,” she said.

The Region Four Chairperson also observed that during the engagements, the Region Four RDC has been able to hear from the residents on other issues relating to the region’s development, GINA said.



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