RHO for Region Five resigns


Acting Regional Health Officer (RHO) for Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice), Mr Gavin Persaud, has tendered his resignation effective March 1, 2016 after serving in this post for the past two-and-a-half years.

Gavin Persaud
Gavin Persaud

He told INews today that while he has resigned as the RHO for Region Five, he has not resigned as a medical doctor and plans to serve the people of Guyana as such in the upcoming future.

Persaud said the decision to resign was “seriously thought about”, and due to some personal issues and “external” reasons, he felt that the best move would be to officially resign from the post of RHO.

While Persaud did not expand on what the “external” reasons were that prompted him to resign from his post as RHO for Mahaica-Berbice, sources revealed that he was “under a lot of pressure recently” from higher officials in the Health Sector.

Persaud told INews that he dedicated his time, skills and energies for many years towards the public and while he does not regret this, it has cost him quality time with his family especially his young daughter.

As such, he intends on spending more time being present in the lives of his family members while continuing to assist in public health services as a medical doctor.



  1. burnham was the smartest in the pnc and the party still fail so nobody in that party smart now or they think smart will all fail

  2. So whats the big deal if he resigns?

    There are more than 300 other Cuban-qualified doctors like himself in line, plus at least 50 with the appropriate qualification for the job.

    Was this really a news item, or someone at the new Inews wants to write a story about his/ her friend?


  3. kickcrap ah know it hurt like hell when the facts stares you directly in your face..yall still crying out how all afro pnc villages are depressed?? yall will not stop unto all yall capharbundhar get all taxpayers dollars to do yall pasa pass street corner dance..its the only thing yall good for

  4. Its the facts Side Kick–and it will continue to get worst the dictator will infest all facet of the gov with morons like you.Many more should resign asap at the end of the day we will survive Burnham tried the same thing and failed and this one will fail too.

  5. RHO for Region Five resigns.
    Many like you with your name should do the right thing and resign since this US installed PNC regime will make life miserable for you all to conduct your work.


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