Region 8 Chairman slams Junior Local Gov’t Minister on road works


Chairman of Region 8, Mark Crawford. [iNews' Photo]
Chairman of Region 8, Mark Crawford. [iNews’ Photo]
[]Regional Chairman of Region Eight, Mark Crawford has chastised Junior Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker as it relates to the road in the region.

During a press conference by the Alliance for Change (AFC), Crawford said that there is a clear indication that the PPP government is not prepared to work for the people of Region 8.

According to the Regional Chairman, Whittaker is aware of many attempts of the RDC to engage private citizens and businesses to aid in the rehabilitation of the road.

He told the news conference, “The PPP REO has refused to co-operate with the Council. One occasion when the Council got the co-operation of a private businessman to help repair the road in Mahdia we were told by the Driver that the truck needed two U clamps.  When those were sourced and we asked for the truck, the REO provided a list of things the truck needed, I dare say the only thing not on that list was a new shell.”

He further added, “The nation is well aware, the story having appeared in the press that the Council had passed a ‘No Confidence’ Motion against the REO, yet the Minister has blatantly refused to honour the wishes of the Council.” Crawford is of the view that the non-cooperation by all the PPP Government appointees stems from the fact that the Government does not have control of the Region and this is their way of punishing the people of the Region for not voting for the PPP.

“It is partisan, divisive and demonstrates utter contempt for the norms of democracy. Governments have a responsibility to all the citizens, not just those who voted for them.”




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