Region 4 to re-invite bids for construction of health centre at Supply …following contractor’s termination

Regional Chairman Genevieve Allen
Regional Chairman Genevieve Allen

Following the termination of a contractual agreement between the Region 4 Executives and contractor; Navin and Sons, for the construction of a new health centre at Supply, East Bank Demerara, Chairwoman Genevieve Allen has revealed that bids for the project will be re-invited sometime early next year.

Allen made this disclosure to INews on the sidelines of an event hosted at the National Cultural Centre earlier today (Wednesday).

“Works are currently not in progress because we have realised that there were some substandard work that was done” Allen noted.

“With the termination of the contractor it means therefore that the works will have to be advertised so that another contractor can begin works…so work is expected to recommence early next year,” Allen revealed.

Asked whether or not legal action is an option at this point, against the contractor, the Chairperson noted that the contractor was already informed of what is required of him and the Region is working along to ensure he meets the necessary requirements.

It was only recently reported in sections of the media that the contractor was ordered to repay the Region for its shoddy foundation works.

Back in August, concerns over the quality of the work and the actions of the contractor resulted in a screeching halt of the project.

The issue which came up at the Regional Democratic Council’s (RDC) monthly meeting was disclosed by the Regional Executive Officer, Pauline Lucas who revealed several unsavoury details about the project.

According to the Region’s Public Relations Department, one of the details she revealed is that the contractor, Navin and Sons, was ordered by the Clerk of Works to cease casting the foundation of the centre.

Earlier last month, the contractor was ordered to correct the inferior works.


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