Region 2 to launch stray campaign

From left: Regional Chairman Devanand Ramdatt, Anna Regina Mayor Rajendra Prabhulall, and Police representative

The Regional Administration of Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) in collaboration with the Municipality of Anna Regina have taken the decision to launch a new campaign targeting the numerous strays that line the roadways posing imminent dangers to motorists and other road users.
A meeting, which was held on Monday last in the boardroom of the Anna Regina Town Hall with Regional Chairman Davanand Ramdatt, Mayor Rajendra Prabhulall, Senior Representatives of the G Divisional Police, the Essequibo Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Councillors and other stakeholders who discussed means and ways to get rid of the many stray animals roaming the roads, streets, playgrounds, parks and other public places within the township.
A public sensitisation campaign is presently ongoing by the Council, advising residents of the township to remove all strays before the rolling out of the campaign. It was suggested that all abandoned donkeys be caught by the Stray Catching Unit and placed in a holding area on a dam in Richmond until they can determine a more permanent solution.

The staffers of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) and the regional engineer are currently fixing the barricade. Additionally, the other animals will be impounded at the municipality’s pound in Anna Regina. Drivers, farmers and residents were bitterly complaining of the many stray animals roaming the roadways causing many accidents. Farmers welcomed the move because of the damages they suffered on a daily basis due to these stray animals.
The police in the region promised to give their full cooperation to clear the roadways and streets of these animals and will be working closely with the Township.
Regional Chairman Ramdatt said that he is very much disappointed with the Regional Road Safety Committee which is doing nothing to make the road a safer place and is strongly calling on the Committee to get their act together and bring some safety to road users in the region.
Meanwhile, the Mayor said that he will be seeking the assistance of the Public Infrastructure Ministry to have one of the trucks that were designed to hold the animals which are in Georgetown to be placed permanently in the region.


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