Region 1 still awaiting 2nd shipment of drugs, medical supplies

The Mabaruma Regional Hospital
The Mabaruma Regional Hospital

Outlying health facilities in Region One (Barima-Waini) are yet to receive the second shipment of medicine and medical supplies for the year.

According to Region One’s Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley, during a telephone interview with INews on Sunday, it is already seven months into 2019 and that region has not benefitted from a replenishment of necessary medication and supplies.

“In fact, we have had our first shipment of drugs and medical supplies earlier this year. We have not gotten another one as yet. Our outlying health facilities are still reporting that they are awaiting receipt of drugs and medical supplies so to get things done.”

This, he noted, is putting a strain on the health services being provided in that region.

However, in relation to the issuance of anti-venom in that region, the Regional Chairman stated that they are yet to receive the anti-venom from the Public Health Ministry. This issue was raised following the death of a two-year-old child in Mabaruma, who was stung by a scorpion.

Ashley further explained that authorities from Region One are scheduled to meet with the central health administration today to “iron out” these issues which are of major concern to his region.

On Wednesday last, 2-year-old Romero Lucian was reportedly stung by a scorpion at his home located at Kobarimo Hill, Mabaruma, North West District, Region One.

The child was taken to the Mabaruma Hospital. Whilst there, the relatives were told that there was no treatment for the sting and that the child would have to be air-dashed to Georgetown. He succumbed moments after being admitted at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The post-mortem performed on the body of the toddler proved that he died due to the collapse of his respiratory system, which was a direct result of the scorpion sting.