Recycle Plant Controvery: Webster comes out in bitter defense of daughter’s involvement


[]Human Services Minister, Jennifer Webster has come out in full defense of her daughter, Andriana Webster who is alleged to be investing some US$15 million in a waste recycling plant which the Guyana government has awarded.

Minister Jennifer Webster at a press conference on Friday, November 15 bitterly stated that the article carried in a local newspaper accusing her daughter of such action is malicious and inaccurate.

Government recently announced that it had signed a MOU, to set up a US$30 million recycling plant in Guyana but did not immediately disclose the name of the company, noting only that it operates out of Canada.

It was later learnt that the name of the company was Natural Globe Inc headed by Mohamed Osman, who has confirmed that it is indeed the Minister’s daughter who is investing a portion of the millions into the project

It was also revealed by the newspaper article that the Company was only registered some three months ago.

According to Minister Webster, her daughter is a mere Director in the Company and is not a shareholder. She also noted that her daughter does not have such large amount of monies to invest in such a project.


Cabinet not aware of Webster’s involvement

When questioned by iNews if her cabinet colleagues were aware that her daughter is a director of the company before awarding the contract, Webster responded in the negative and stated that she was not part of the Cabinet meeting when the contract was awarded.

She further explained that she was travelling at the time. In a visibly upset manner, Webster told the news conference that “anyone can be a director” of a company and that she in no way attempted to influence the decision making process for the award of the contract.

When further questioned by iNews if she sees a conflict of interest issue with the contract being awarded, Webster did not directly answer the question but instead said, “ I do not get involve in these things, my professional integrity is worth more than that.”

The minister noted that her 28 – year – old daughter has resided in Canada for a number of years and lives and works in that country as a qualified professional in the area of technology.

“I exercise no control whatsoever over her decisions in respect of her personal or professional life,” Webster said.

When further questioned by other reporters, Webster said that she spoke with the controversial Osman upon the publication of the article and he denied that she gave such information to the newspaper.

However, the newspaper company has since offered to provide the Minister with the recording of Osman. When questioned if she might take legal action against Osman, Webster responded, “I will advise my daughter accordingly.”

Andriana Webster Responds

In a response to the newspaper article, Webster’s daughter categorically stated, “I am not the female investor providing US$15 million for this project.”

She further clarified that she is an Information Technology Consultant with the firm MogFord Enterprises.

“Mr. Osman is the Vice President of Technologies for MogFord Enterprises, and MogFord Enterprises is the parent company of TGI and ETS. I wish to clearly state, that I am an independent person in my own right and my area of expertise is to design software and provide information technology solutions for various companies.”

According to the young woman, “My work is in no way influenced by Ms. Jennifer Webster, Minister of Human Services and Social Security in the Government of Guyana. I have my own income and my own liabilities and my decision to work with the firm is merely on a professional basis. I denounce any attempt to assassinate my character and my mother’s character in any form or sort.”



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