Recovery plan for stranded passengers of Fly Jamaica Airways starts today


Fly Jamaica Airways has announced via its airline officials that their devised operations recovery plan- to address the multitude of passengers, using their airlines, who have been stranded for several days- will take effect from today.

The plan, which was announced on Monday, will see them leasing an aircraft to ferry stranded passengers to their destinations.

It was noted however, that this aircraft has a limited schedule, and passengers have been advised to stay at home until they are notified of their flight schedule.

“Passengers will be notified of their flight departure. Fly Jamaica Airways requests that passengers desist from going to their local airport for departure, unless notified by an airline representative,” the airlines said on Monday evening.

In explaining the delays, Fly Jamaica Airways has said that its aircraft are currently undergoing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance checks. It noted that these checks are required at this time.

“Fly Jamaica Airways will advise as soon as one or both of its aircraft are returned to service. As a result, the airline is engaging third party carriers to support the operation,” it explained.

It further explained, “The sourcing of alternative aircraft from lessors has become increasingly challenging due to the unavailability of suitable aircraft and/or the unavailability of flight crews to operate the flights.”

It was also explained that due to the severe weather conditions in the northeast region of the United States, and specifically in New York, Terminal One at JFK International Airport has been limiting arrivals and departures, due to ramp congestion and several other issues relating to weather conditions.

“Fly Jamaica Airways sincerely regrets the inconvenience our irregular operations have caused. We are utilizing every available resource to recover the operation and return to our regular schedule as soon as possible”, the airline has offered.

Meanwhile, management of Fly Jamaica Airways has been summoned to a meeting with officials at the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) following an increase in flight cancellations and delays. That meeting is also scheduled for today.

Passengers travelling on Fly Jamaica flights out of Guyana to Toronto, Canada have been left stranded with no word from the airlines since last Thursday.


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