Recount confirms PPP/C victory in Region 1

PPP Prime Ministerial Candidate Mark Phillips and Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali

The recount of the ballots cast in Region One (Barima-Waini) has been completed by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and the Statements of Recounts generated from the exercise have since confirmed an electoral victory in that district for the Opposition – Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C).

The recount of the votes for Region One at the end of Thursday had completed 98 of 99 ballot boxes and the process had to be stalled since the contents of one of the ballot boxes were still to be assessed since the receptacle was found to be soaked on the first day the container was opened.

By the end of Day 10 on Friday however, the contents had been air-dried and found to be legible enough for the recount to be completed without resort to any of the speculated alternatives proffered.

A breakdown of the recount during the course of the day illustrates that while the one box was completed for Region One, culminating the count for that district, another 13 boxes were recounted for Region two while another 17 were assessed in Region Three.

According to a GECOM update provided last evening, a total of 15 ballot boxes were recounted for Region Four while the newest region to see its votes being recounted—Region Five—had 12 of its ballot boxes recounted.
To date, a total of 101 or 75 per cent of the 135 ballot boxes for that region have been tabulated.

This would position Region Two as the next electoral district that is likely to be completed.
A total of 123 of the 355 ballot boxes for Region three have since been tabulated or 35 per cent of the votes while just about 14 per cent of the

boxes for Region four have been completed.
The process has over the past two days completed tabulating 19 of the 158 ballot boxes.

With the count solidifying a PPP/C win for Region One, the party on Friday in a statement reaffirmed, “the National Recount process continues to confirm the accuracy of the Statements of Poll in the PPP’s possession and as the process continues to unravel the brazen fraud of Clairmont Mingo.”

Referencing the declarations that had been made by the Region Four Returning Officer—Mingo—the PPP/C insists “everyone knows that they (incumbent) have lost those elections and everyone knows that they used Mingo to attempt to fraudulently alter the elections result and that when Mingo failed, they were forced to hatch this new plot to attack the integrity of the electoral process.”

The PPP/C as such, called on the incumbent A Partnership for National Unity, Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC), “rather than going to these extremes at fabrication, all they have to do is release their Statements of Poll by which they claim they won the elections.”

Additionally, the party reiterated calls for “work stations to be established and for GECOM to take such step as is necessary to increase the speed of the process so that it can he concluded as soon as possible.”