Recaptured fugitive denies being involved in 2003 wedding house murder


Almost 15 years after a murder was committed at a wedding house at Lancaster, Mahaicia East Coast Demerara, the accused Rajesh Guyadeen finally appeared before a High Court judge on Thursday. After State Prosecutor Abigail Gibbs presented the murder indictment against him, Guyadeen pleaded not guilty to the May 4, 2003 murder of Nandran Manohar, called “Nando”. The incident allegedly occurred at Lancaster.

According to reports, the accused and “Nando” were both at a wedding house on the night in question when someone allegedly accused “Nando” of puncturing Guyadeen’s bicycle wheel. Moments later, the victim was heard crying out that he was stabbed. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and died there while receiving treatment.

It was also reported that Guyadeen, the main suspect, subsequently fled Guyana and was reportedly residing in neighbouring Suriname for some 10 years. However, he was said to have returned to local shores in 2014 to be with family and was supposedly keeping a low profile. However, sometime after his return, police had caught him smoking marijuana in a location at Lancaster where drugs are normally used. It was after this arrest that he was identified a fugitive who was wanted for “Nando’s” murder.

The accused is represented by attorney Maxwell McKay while Senior State Counsel Natasha Backer and State Counsel Abigail Gibbs are presenting the Prosecution’s case.

The matter continues before Justice Navindra Singh and a 12-member jury on Monday.


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