Reaz Holladar was convinced the PPP “won the elections and was prepared to play his part” – Nandlall

DEAD: Reaz Holladar
DEAD: Reaz Holladar

Reaz Holladar took his life at about 04:30h on Saturday at his Prashad Nagar, Georgetown home shortly after returning home, in the presence of his wife and a security guard, following a domestic dispute.
He had successfully secured an injunction barring the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) from declaring an overall winner in the March 2 polls.
The move came following the declaration of unverified results from Region Four’s Returning Officer (RO) Clairmont Mingo.
That matter is still engaging the courts.
Nandlall dismissed the assertions on Monday, saying that he has seen the aspersions being cast on social media.
He said that Holladar’s death is, in fact, an unfortunate incident from which his family is still grieving.
According to the former Attorney General, under the last PPP Administration, Holladar was “committed to the cause”.
He was adamant the PPP “won the elections and he [Holladar] was prepared to play his part.”
Nandlall indicated that the young man was happy to undertake the task at hand when “he was given an opportunity to play a part.”
He described the incident as “such a shock,” saying, “…this boy had life, vivacity, such ambition…it was quite a shock.”
Nandlall had first announced the news in a social media post saying “It is with profound sadness that I confirmed that Reaz Holladar, my driver for several years, died this morning [Saturday] at or about 4:00 am. From all indications, he committed suicide. He was a loyal and dedicated employee. He has left to mourn a wife and two sons. With his family, I mourn his loss”.