Rankings movement will be gradual, warns Skerritt


(CMC) — Cricket West Indies (CWI) president Ricky Skerritt has warned that the regional side’s climb up the rankings ladder will be a gradual one, noting he did not anticipate significant change during his first tenure.

West Indies are currently eighth in Tests, ninth in One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and 10th in Twenty20 Internationals, the format in which they are reigning World champions.

The positions represent little change from when Skerritt assumed office in March last year, after beating three-term incumbent Dave Cameron.

West Indies are currently ranked ninth in ODIs.

“At no time did we promise a change of rankings within 12 months,” Skerritt told CNC3’s ViewPoint programme.

He added: [We have] to get teams performing at their best in the various types of cricket, male and female, and resulting in a significant improvement up the ladder to be at least in the top five.

“I don’t see that happening in the second year either. I see us beginning to make the move up the ladder in the second year but it won’t be jumps, more of one step at a time.”

West Indies’ record has remained a dismal one over the last 12 months, losing two of three Tests, 13 of 24 ODIs and eight of 14 Twenty20 Internationals.

Their one-day form, especially remains a major concern with their only two series wins inside the last seven years coming in recent months against minnows Afghanistan and Ireland.

Skerritt, who along with Vice-President Dr Kishore Shallow vowed to tackle a range of governance and developmental issues while in office, said all other achievements would be insignificant if West Indies’ form did not improve during his tenure.

“Obviously nothing that we do for however long will have any sustainable impact without a significant growth in performance and a rise up the ladder in the rankings. We’re very aware of that. I’ve said that openly,” Skerritt stressed.

Since taking over CWI, Skerritt has overseen a complete revamp of the selection system, replaced the senior team’s management unit, and commissioned several reviews relating to the organisation’s governance and business structure.

Skerritt, a former tourism minister in St Kitts, said the administration would focus its efforts over the next year on continuing to overhaul the CWI culture.