Ramotar will not concede to defeat; wants total recount of votes

Former President, Donald Ramotar. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Donald Ramotar during his press conference on Thursday, May 14. [iNews' Photo]
Donald Ramotar during his press conference on Thursday, May 14. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Presidential Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Donald Ramator has made it clear that he will not concede to defeat and therefore will not accept APNU+AFC coalition as the winner of the 2015 general and regional elections.

Ramotar, at a news conference held at Freedom House shortly after GECOM released the results, maintained that the PPP/C is the winner of the elections, opining that the polls were rigged. When questioned, he admitted that there was some amount of collusion between the Guyana Elections Commission and the APNU+AFC coalition in the alleged rigging of the elections; however no evidence was provided.

“We are convinced that these elections were rigged,” Ramotar told reporters.

He made reference to alleged fake Statements of Poll (SOPs) but could not say exactly how much fake SOPs the Party discovered, when asked by iNews. According to Ramotar, the PPP is in possession of “many evidence” of irregularities which he noted has since been submitted to the Guyana Elections Commission.

“We should have a total recount of the votes; it wouldn’t take a long time. We think that a total recount, even manually, would not take more than eight hours to recount the whole elections process. To give this elections credibility and integrity, we think that is essential to have a total recount of the votes,” Ramotar said.

He pointed out that following the initial recount was done in Region 8, the PPP/C emerged as the regional winner. Using this as one of his basis for a recount, Ramotar said, “We think that these are serious issues that deserves to be investigated and done before a final pronouncement on these elections are made.”

He further noted that the PPP/C does not want a “bogus government” in place, thus a total recount is necessary.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that all international observers have pronounced that the elections were free, fair and credible Ramotar made it known that he does not agree with their assessment.

The US, UK and Canada diplomats have all dismissed the PPP’s claim of irregularities at the elections.



  1. While some of your questions make sense as they relate to questioning the varacity of the ballot result, you are not a silly observer and must recognize the ploy of ballot recount as one to gain time to clear their (PPP) desks of evidence of political wrong doing while in office. Tak haf nah mention all.

  2. It is unvarnished arrogance of the leadership of the PPP to stubornly resist the will of the people. The party lost because of the arrogance of Jagdeo who saw politics only in terms of race. He came back from the political dead to spout his jumbee nonsense. The people rejected him and as a consequence they rejected the party. It is timne that those who found it necessary to enrich temselves on the sweat and strugles of the working class and poor walk and talk softly. Do the right thing President Ramotar for the sake of your grandchildren and the nation’s future. I shook your hand in January of 2015 and felt the soul of a gentle man; show the nation you are gentle and honorable. Call the leader of the winning party and express your willingness to be his partner in the development of the COUNTRY.

  3. Ramotar you need to get out of the place.jagdeo put you in a shit and leave you there so stop complaining and relax and accept defeat.this is not ppp country this is Guyana .the international observers commended gecom on the work well done and said the elections were free and fair.like you want problems in Guyana.ramotar let peace prevail and get out of the place

  4. Come on Donald your fault why you get Bhar Rat in your campaign? Guyanese people Don’t want him. He now caused you the Presidency. Now you have lots of time. Go out and speak to the people.
    The usual bottom house meetings. The best thing the PPP can do. HA HA!!
    Show film show of how people in Russis fight civil war. Instead of showing something educational.

    Corn house bingo to make Money to pay the Free Dumb House soup drinkers.
    I can remember as a boy going to those meetings now I am a grown man and PPP choose to keep the people of Black Polder illiterate so they can vote PPP. Those that manage to struggle up the ladder are now trying to build schools to show the youngsters the Light like teaching them a trade.

    Come on GECOM release the official results.
    The Guyanese people have made their choice of who should Rule them.

  5. This is saddening. The PPP/C keeps saying that the opposition is trying to create chaos in this country. That’s far from the truth. This is a psychological move, to frustrate the people and bring about a reaction. Now we will know where GECOM lies in its independence of the PPP/C, as a non-governmental entity and do what they’d done in 2011, declare the winner and go swear in the new government.
    Ramotar, you are a disgrace to this country and so are the persons supporting you in this sham of resistance. The people did speak. They don’t want you and the dictatorship they’ve endured for the last 18 years. Give Dr. Jagan period of rule an exemption of the disgrace you and other brought this nation.
    If chaos comes, you are squarely responsible, no one else. YOU ARE.

  6. Say all that you want about personalities for what ever your reasons thereof Jairam, the question is, was there rigging ? Was the implementation of fake SOPs true or false ? Who did that ? Was it a centrally orchestrated plot ? On what scale was this ? If so by whom ? If GEOCOM is establishing that there was fake SOPs, then why not dig deeper ? The PPP/C is to be complimented if anything for sticking to their guns irrespective of who says what including the Observer Missions…. let GEOCOM carry out their mandate and RECOUNT and INSPECT EACH AND EVERY SINGLE BALLOT PAPER even where the PPP/C won, verify the authenticity of the actual ballot paper in the play… it is fair, it enhances the democratic process… who win thereafter WINS !!!! Who knows the plot may have been to rig in the PPP/C winning area or even one ballot or SOP for PPP/C then if the PPP/C was being declared then the shoe would have been on the other foot !!!! But then again historically the Opposition has other means of solving that. Rupert Roopnarine and Granger let it be known that they will not be able to control their supporters !!!! enough said for now !!

  7. It’s OVER! You don’t even have the respect for the members/employees of GECOM, they are “corrupt” because the opposition won? You should have seen the writing on the wall the moment you signed Jagdeo on, he dug the PPP/C’s grave, and your Health Minister, Bherri, well, his behavior was the shovel that scooped the dirt on top of you. For whatever remaining dignity you have left, take it and walk away. Mr. Ramotar, IT’S OVER!!

  8. Where there is smoke, there is fire. GECOM admits that there were fake SoPs. This should be reason for a total recount. Region 8 is already done, count the others. Let there be no doubts. This will bring closure.

  9. You can continue to sit down and mope in disbelief, he having a big party right now! APNU-AFC rules!

  10. Just a bunch of sour grapes. Donald, please accept the president’s pension of $3 million along with gracious perks per month and go into retirement in Essequibo

  11. Of course Ramotar will not concede. He took lessons from thug, rude, boorish barat jagdeo. The PPP is the most vindictive evil government ever to rule Guyana. Hopefully the ABC diplomats will speak some sense into his mud filled head. Down with the losers.

  12. Provide the evidence and lets take it from there, talking in not enough, I am sure you are a well respected person and as such, get the evidence and report it to the proper authorities.


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