Ramotar used cash laden Jet three times on ‘official business’ – Gov’t confirms

The Private Jet
Khamraj Lall
Khamraj Lall

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana government has confirmed that Head of State, Donald Ramotar used the private Jet services of alleged smuggler, Khamraj Lall for three state visits.

Lall, the owner of the Jet was arrested last week in Puerto Rico with over US$620,000 hidden inside the Jet.

The government in a statement noted that the services of Exec Jet Club Guyana which operates out of the Kaylee Service Station, East Bank Demerara, were procured on three occasions by the Government to transport delegations led by President Donald Ramotar to official State business overseas.

The statement noted that on all such occasions, payments were rendered for the charter of an aircraft operated by the Exec Jet Club, Guyana.

Upon his arrest, Lall told US Customs and Border agents that he was just stopping to refuel and that he was headed directly to Georgetown. The agents told him about the requirement to declare any cash. Lall and his father, who was also on board declared US$5, 000 and the other pilot declared US$60.

Later, regular inspection of the aircraft found that there were discrepancies with maintenance in violation of aircraft regulations. The aircraft was then grounded and Lall said he would fly in his mechanic into San Juan, the Puerto Rican capital to have the problems rectified.

President Donald Ramotar.
President Donald Ramotar.

The next morning, Lall told the agents the problems were rectified and he was ready to fly out. At this point, he was again told of the need to declare currency; at this point Lall declared that he had US$7, 000. That’s $2, 000 more than what he declared the night before.

His father and the co-pilot declared the same amounts like they did the first time.

Agents checked the aircraft and found a bundle of currency wrapped in plastic garbage bags and a blanket. This was found under the exit row seat. When he was approached by agents, Lall said that the money was his and that it amounted to US$150, 000 and that he had actually forgotten that he had the money there and that is why he did not declare it.

The Private Jet
The Private Jet

Agents continued to search the aircraft and then found a black suitcase in a compartment next to the engines. Inside the suitcase were several plastic garbage bags with bundles of cash totaling US$470, 000.

Again, Lall said the money was his and were proceeds from his business. He told agents that his father and the co-pilot had nothing to do with the money.

As a result, Lall will this Monday (December 01) face two charges; one relating to his failure to declare the cash and the other for smuggling bulk cash.

Lall claims to have migrated from Guyana to the United States 30 years ago and became qualified in engineering and subsequently acquired his pilot licence and operated a range of businesses, including a gas station, a limousine service and the jet service for which he was allowed to build a private hangar at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.


  1. Andrew listen.Grey,Jai and the others don’t and will never get the point. the government don’t want the money laundering bill to pass. if they did it would have pass since the gov was the majority in parliament. racism and race vote will not end in this country anytime soon, because some would rather see Guyana turn like some middle eastern country than to see this country out of power. i will not argue that Guyana aint move forward in certain sector, but the Government complacent and reckless. there is clear evidence of corruptions lawlessness. miss use of taxpayer money. the ppp surpass burhnam by far. u talking about 2 billion, just wait until this government comes out of power then u will see the shit Guyana in. Guyana was the bread basket for the Caribbean then and by banning certain commodities it open the door to be self reliant. Guyana would have been producing and exporting more. today Guyana importing than exporting. that’s bad. Guyana suffer the most migration under this government. what improving country be suffering from brain drain because of migration?

  2. So what if the jet was used by the pope,,, the news is missing the print,,,the jet,the owner of the jet is providing a service,,how much drugs arrive in NY on all them airlines ,,,does it make the traveling public a drug lord,,,the facts are the man lall was flying in and out of guyana, was he ever checked by Any of the agencies ,,,

  3. You got drugs money too,,crabs in a jet ,,,soon it will be jail ,,,the ppp never new Roger Khan ,,and rhe never used the jet,,,is lie after lie,,nuff mo will be joining him ,,,

  4. Those same Ta Ta buses were getting stuck on the public road in the Mahaica / Mahaicony area. The farmers had to bring their tractors out to haul them.
    The rice industry was in shambles by design just to spite the rice producers who were seen as PPP supporters.
    The British gave the PNC 19 million dollars in the Treasury. The PNC gave the PPP 2 billion US in debt in return.
    This same PNC masquerading as APNU, who the AFC is in bed with should never be allowed to govern again.

  5. Kyattman, You mentioned “train and tata bus”, that tells me that you know your history. I commend you for taking a stand against those who think that they can use God’s name in vain. You are among the few who understand the full definition of the word dictator/dictatorship. I believe that you would also know/remember that the tata bus business ran at a loss. Do you remember that it was the same PNC dictatorship who banned POTATO,SARDINE, APPLE, GRAPES, WALL NUTS, FLOUR, PEAS, ONIONS, GARLIC, CHANNA, TOMATO PASTE, BREAD, TENNIS ROLL, BUNS, MACKEREL, TUNA, etc. etc. etc.? I guess you know that it was Burnham who invented “KICK DOWN THE DOOR”? I’m glad that there are people like yourself who know that the democratic elected President is not ruling absolutely and brutally. Kyattman, I am sure that you are also praying for Guyana. Let us continue to speak positive words over Guyana. Guyana will continue to prosper and develop. God bless Guyana.

  6. You are too wicked to use God in your wicked dishonest scheme.
    The PPP/C wiped out the 2 Billion (US) debt that your incompetent dictator Burnham incurred with nothing to show for it.
    Sorry they showed a destruction of the country’s infrastructure.
    They kill the train and Burnham and his wife bought their own Ta Ta Bus service.
    This is corruption!
    Fools like you should not be seen or heard.

  7. PPP/C, God don’t sleep prayers warriors are on their knees asking God to rid us of your Government. You are not fit to rule anyone. 19th day of dictatorship one party rule of Guyana by PPP/C government,


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