Ramotar slams Granger for saying ‘it is not government’s role to provide jobs for people’


Former President Donald Ramotar has chastised President David Granger for his recent reported comments that Government is not responsible for providing jobs for the people. According to Ramotar, “this is not just a slip of the tongue” but rather the position of the APNU/AFC administration.

The following is an article written by former President Donald Ramotar, which was sent to INews today for publication:

President David Granger, in one of his controlled ‘Meet the Press Programmes’, last week said that it was not the government’s role to provide jobs for the people.

This is not just a slip of the tongue; this is a position of the APNU+AFC regime.

Recall earlier the Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder in response to rice farmers’ plea for assistance, said that the government had no responsibility to the farmers, that the rice Industry was privately owned.


Former President, Donald Ramotar
Former President, Donald Ramotar

All the actions of the regime would confirm that this is the belief of the regime. We cannot point to any project that has created employment and job creation.

Instead, the very opposite is true. The regime’s measures are impacting negatively on present employment.

The numerous taxes they have been enforced are discouraging business activities and curtailing employment. Things like licencing horse drawn carts and donkey carts, charging people walking and selling, among others, are just ridiculous and senseless.

The introduction of parking metres in the city will also have a negative impact on business. It could drive some businesses out of the city, while severely restricting the commercial activities of others. In the final analysis, these will impact on employment. People will be dismissed and or laid off their jobs.

The regime seems unconcerned about these effects just as long as it collects its “pound of flesh.”


President David Granger
President David Granger

Apart from these, this mentality by the regime has led them to destroying jobs and means of income for a large group of persons.

The pending closing of Wales Estate and the closure of operations at LBI will have a devastating impact on employment in the country. Thousands of persons will be thrown out of employment.

Immediately, it would be the workers directly involved in those areas. However, there are contractors and other businesses that provide (support) services to the industry that would also be affected.

Many self-employed persons in cash crop farming and small shop keepers in the villages will also be negatively impacted. They, too, would be thrown out of employment.

In passing, it is such types of activities that President Granger is recommending to create employment. The very ones that will suffer are suffering now. How is that for an example?

Scores of cane farmers and their hundreds of employees will also be cast on the breadlines to suffer when they become unemployed.

The government, too, will suffer. Taxes from workers will not be collected and reduced importation will impact on customs. The NIS collection will be reduced, while the pensionable persons will keep growing.

These things are not inevitable, as the regime is implying. There is another way – invest in the industry to increase its revenue stream so that it can quickly return to profitability and sustainability.

The regime speaks about how much it is giving now to the industry. This is nothing to what the sugar industry already gave to government of this country. Moreover, it can do even more with the investment needed. This is not subsidy, this is sensible business investment policies.

It is such investments that would create jobs and build a vibrant economy.

When we examine the regime’s attitude to the rice industry, we detect the same disinterest. This is the time to also add value to rice. With little investment, this industry can continue to make valuable contributions to our society.

Government spokespersons continue to talk about going into agriculture. They are encouraging young people to go in that direction.

However, if the two major agricultural products in this country – sugar and rice – are allowed to decline what young person would take the exhortations by the regime seriously?

Job creation calls for initiatives to be taken by the government, which will engender confidence and allow our country to grow. The regime is abdicating its responsibility in this area.

Action is needed now; talk is cheap.


  1. You were living in the bush, I lived in Charlotte St and water always came on the top floor showers, until the late 90th, so explain what the ppp did with the billions they say they spent on water sector, dummy

  2. Dennis Mc has a convenient loss of memory. During Burnham and Hoyte era NO water came thru’ the taps. Everyone had rusty taps and shower heads. You need to do your research and get your facts straight. You are in a sad state.

  3. Inews,being BIASED,you seem to have lost your way.I hope,in the not too distant future,you will regain,if you ever had,some sense of decency.Your DIVISIVE ATTITUDE IS THERE TO BE SEEN.ANOTHER JAGDEO?

  4. Denny you`re such a PUPPET,you will never ever learn ANYTHING.Observer,you don`t even know when or how to observe.

  5. Dann,you`re as smart as they come,teach this FOOl a lesson,but it is if he`s going to learn.He`s such a DAMN DUNCE.Even A DUCK is more SENSIBLE.

  6. In the history of Guyana,LFS BURNHAM will be remembered as the MOST INTELLIGENT,SMART,WITTY,WISE,and NON-DIVISIVE President we ever had,trust me.

  7. Most Guyanese are enjoying a BETTER life NOW.When GWI used to give you water 10 hrs a day in the PPP era,and some days you never received any.We are receiving water NOW,24/7 at the same RATE we used to pay.There was corruption then.A CHANGE has taken place,a better life NOW.And this is only in one instance.

  8. Such nonsense from some people.The government has a responsibility to create the environment for business opportunities and development through their policies.Poor statement from the minister…

  9. During BURNHAM admin Guyana experienced the great Exodus, may b people again will find a way escaping the hardship on horizon.

  10. Ramotar,why are you so FOOLISH?It is the private sector that provides jobs for people,and this happens ALL over the world.You are so FOOLISH,you will never LEARN.

  11. The Donald knew so much about the economy that is why he was ousted from office before time, could not even serve a single term although he was a rubber stamp.
    Maybe the PPP will not get back in office ever, they are not focusing on the coming election and who will be the leader.
    They are trying to stagnate the present administration and country, why not embrace the present ruling government in its policy for unity for all Guyanese. As this is the only way Guyana can move forward.
    Thank you.


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