Ramotar says AFC’s ‘No – Confidence’ Motion is baseless

Head of State, Donald Ramotar. [iNews' Photo]


Head of State, Donald Ramotar. [iNews' Photo]
Head of State, Donald Ramotar. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – President Donald Ramotar says the grounds of the no – confidence motion by the Alliance for Change (AFC) is “baseless and spurious.”

The President made his feeling known last evening in his written response to a letter by AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, who had written the President expressing the Party’s concern about the alleged illegal spending of Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh.

In his response, President Ramotar noted that it is the constitutional right of the AFC to lay a no – confidence motion in the National Assembly and maintained that Dr Singh acted within the confines of the constitution when he spent the country’s money.

AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan
AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan

Ramjattan told iNews yesterday that he has completed a draft of the no – confidence motion and will lay it in the National Assembly if Ramotar does not prevent Dr Singh from illegally spending.

See below the full response to the AFC Leader by President Ramotar:


Dear Mr. Ramjattan,

I received your letter dated 17th July, 2014 today, July 12, 2014.

Let me from the inception say that it is your constitutional right to lay a no- confidence motion in the National Assembly.

However, the pretext that you have chosen to ground your motion is completely baseless and spurious.

I resolutely maintain that the actions taken by my government about which you complain are expressly authorised and permitted by both the letter and spirit of the constitution. Indeed, you yourself participated in this identical process in the years 2012 and 2013 by supporting Financial Papers 1 of 2012 and 1 of 2013.

Article 218 (3) is unambiguous in allowing for expenditure to be incurred in the absence, or in excess of available appropriations as approved in the extant Appropriations Act. That Article reads thus:

“In respect of any financial year it is found… that any moneys have been expected for any purpose in excess of the amount appropriated for that purpose by the Appropriation Act or for a purpose for which no amount has been appropriated by that Act… a statement of excess showing the amounts… spent shall be laid before the National Assembly by the Minister responsible for Finance…”

The Honourable Chief Justice, Mr. Ian Chang in his 18 July, 2012 ruling on the budget cuts case is equally unambiguous. He states thus:

“The application of article 218(3) is premised on a finding of insufficiency of an appropriate amount for a stated purpose or of no amount for a purpose for which a need has arisen and which has received no appropriation it is not this court to substitute itself for the Minister of Finance. It is he who must make the perquisite “finding” under Article 218(3) of the constitution…”

As I have said publicly before, the PPP/Civic and I are prepared to face the consequences of such a motion and the electorate.

It will give us the opportunity to demand that the AFC explains to the Guyanese people their denial of them having cheap energy by opposing the Hydro Power Station at Amaila. In so doing, you have opposed the industrialisation of our country and the creation of decent jobs for our people, particularly our young people.

You will have a chance to explain why you have voted against giving the Guyanese people better health care due to your opposition to a specialty hospital. Moreover, you will clarify for the electorate whether it was because your client lost out in the bidding process to construct the complex.

It will be a good occasion for you to explain to the people if your opposition to the construction of a Marriott Hotel was rooted in the fact that your chief financier is also in the hotel business.

It will give you the opportunity to explain to the Guyanese people how and why the Chairman of your party interfered with the judicial process causing the persons who were charged with the Lusignan massacre to walk free.

An opportunity will be presented for you to explain why you partnered with the APNU calling for the closing down of the sugar industry thereby jeopardising the lives and livelihood of thousands of sugar workers and their families.

You will explain to the Guyanese people why you cut budgetary allocations to the indigenous people affecting development in their communities. Indeed, you will explain to all the people of this country, especially the poor people, why you cut monies out of the national budget which were allocated to improve and advance their welfare and that of their children, for example, the poverty alleviation initiatives, including the student loans and uniform and transportation allowances for school children.

You will explain why you opposed the Anti Money Laundering Bill thereby exposing our country to international sanctions and our people to economic and financial hardships.

Of course, I can continue but I think the point is made. In conclusion, I reiterate that I will never stand in the way of any person or political party seeking to exercise any constitutional right, power or freedom which they enjoy.


Donald Ramotar

President of the Republic of Guyana




  1. ramjattan done..dont let up on them mr president..go for the jugular now.. pnc have nothing…those who vote afc last election didnt bargain for afc ramjattan and nagamoottoo to sit back and watch afc nigel hughes unleashed his pnc thugs on some of the very east indians who vote afc last time..let them call no confidence now..afc know it cant collate with pnc before election..they know thats a no no no..right now those indians that vote afc last election will go back to ppp like how those blacks vote afc under trotman went back to pnc ..


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