Ramotar remains hopeful, despite the great loss to Guyana


President Donald Ramotar today, Monday August 12 expressed sadness at the loss to Guyana, with Sithe Global pulling out from the Amaila Project, for the want of full parliamentary support.

A Partnership for National Unity remains unmoved by the call from all stakeholders, more so the private sector, to give support to this critical project to Guyana’s development.

But as the APNU stand firm to its rejection of the project, the President in an address to the nation today said he remains hopeful and that the government will work to realise the Guyanese dream of “hydro electricity”.

He also remains hopeful that “the APNU would see the bigger picture and put the importance of the people above narrow party lines and rise to the call to support this vital project for the development of our country”.

The President pointed out the fact that the opposition has put Guyana in danger of loosing much more money, than what would have been invested in the hydro.

He cited the Norway funds, which he said is in danger of being lost, with the Amaila project.

The President recalled the many efforts and meetings held to answer all queries and questions of the opposition, and said that while the AFC had a change of heart in the end, the “did too little too late”.



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