Ramotar observes disciplined services voting; satisfied with systems in place

President Donald Ramotar observing disciplined services voting

By Leroy Smith

President Donald Ramotar observing disciplined services voting
President Donald Ramotar observing disciplined services voting

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, President Donald Ramotar says he is pleased with the turnout by the members of the joint services who voted on Saturday May 02.  

The Head of State told reporters during an interview at Camp Ayangana, that all systems seemed to be in place which aided the smooth process of voting for the servicemen and women.

Ramotar who is the Presidential Candidate for the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) was accompanied to the polling station of the Police Force, Guyana Defence Force and Prison Service by fellow PPP/C Candidate Frank Anthony and Guyana Elections Commissioner, Sase Gunraj.IMG-20150502-WA0011

“I am very happy that all the places that I have been to in the army compound, police headquarters and the prisons, everything seems to be going smoothly and very good so I am very happy about that and I hope that it will continue as we go into the general elections on May 11.”

Meanwhile Chief of Staff Brigadier Mark Phillips told iNews that based on reports he received; polls were opened on time and voting commenced by army men and women who were eager to exercise their constitutional right.

“The joint services voting will be the most peaceful voting setting the example for the country come May, 11,” Philips told iNews.

The rest of Guyana will go to the poll on May 11.



  1. He is the president. He can be anywhere. Try and stop him. Just you try. Go Donald go. VOTE PPP ALL THE WAY!!!

  2. Is ramotar working with Gecom? How come he’s inspecting polling places? What is Gecom saying about this?


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