Ramotar, Jagdeo top PPP Congress votes


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) today wrapped up its 30th Congress at Rose Hall, Berbice with the announcement of the results of the election of the 35-member leadership body.

Topping the votes was President of Guyana and General Secretary of the PPP, Donald Ramotar. In second was former President Bharrat Jagdeo.

iNews was reliably informed that among those elected in top ten of the Central Committee are Clement Rohee, Roger Luncheon, Gail Teixeira, Anil Nandlall, Pauline Sukhai, Navin Chandarpaul, Indra Chandarpaul and Frank Anthony.

New faces reportedly on the leadership include Shyam Nokta, Colin Croal, Nigel Dharamlall, Chitra Dass, Vishwa Mahadeo, David Armogan and Kwame Mckoy.

Reports from the PPP Congress indicate that there were a lot of discussions on factors that saw the PPP/C loosing its majority in Parliament. Also, several of the working sessions focused on plans and activities the PPP intend to undertake to “restore its majority” in Parliament.

iNews contacted the PPP Press Officer who could not confirm the results of the elections but noted that a press statement will be issued shortly.

At the opening of the Congress on Friday President Ramotar gave a personal commitment not to relent in the face of challenges from the opposition.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the PPP’s 30th congress at JC Chandisingh Secondary School in Port Mourant, the president said the party and Guyana as a whole cannot afford to relent to an opposition which has proven by their own doing, that they are unfit to run this country.

He told the party’s membership that they must be resolute in the face of struggles as the progress made so far is not invincible and has to be defended everyday and reinforced. Below is the full results:

Central Committee                                                           Candidate Member

1.      Donald Ramotar-886                                           1. Colin David Croal- 400

2.      Bharrat Jagdeo-851                                              2. Ronald Harsawack- 223

3.      Frank Anthony- 724                                            3. Ghurdat Shivpersaud- 163

4.      Anil Nandlall- 690                                               4. Sandra Baldeo-162

5.      Gail Teixeira- 651                                                5. Vickram Bharat- 158

6.      Navin Chandarpal- 604

7.      Roger Luncheon- 560

8.      Indranie Chandarpal-552

9.      Pauline Sukhai- 546

10.  Clement Rohee-540

11.  Robert Persaud-537

12.  Ganga Persaud-528

13.  Bheri Ramsaran-518

14.  Hydar Ally-504

15.  Mohamed Irfaan Ali- 503

16.  Komal Chand-486

17.  Ali Baksh-450

18.  Zulfikar Mustapha-446

19.  Clinton Collymore- 445

20.  Jennifer Westford- 429

21.  Dharamkumar Seeraj- 420

22.  Nigel Dharamlall- 389

23.  Neil Kumar- 387

24.  Shyam Nokta- 381

25.  Vishwa Mahadeo- 358

26.  Desmond Kissoon-312

27.  Fizal Jaffarally- 275

28.  David Armagon- 268

29.  Omar Sharieff- 248

30.  Mohammed Hussein- 247

31.  Philomena Sahoye-Shury- 245

32.  Brian Alicock- 243

33.  Kellawan Lall- 246

34.  Kwame Mc Coy- 228

35.  Chitreka Dass- 222

The new Central Committee will be meeting shortly and among other items on the agenda will be the election of a new Executive Committee and Secretariat of the party. The next Congress of the PPP is scheduled for 2016.



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