“Ramotar is a waste of time” – Harmon says he’s “shooting breeze”

President Donald Ramotar in discussion with Opposition Member, Joseph Harmon at the opening of the 10th Parliament.


By Kurt Campbell

President Donald Ramotar in discussion with Opposition Member, Joseph Harmon at the opening of the 10th Parliament.
President Donald Ramotar in discussion with Opposition Member, Joseph Harmon at the opening of the 10th Parliament.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – General Secretary of the opposition coalition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – Joseph Harmon has disregarded President Donald Ramotar election announcement earlier today as a “waste of time.”

President Ramotar announced that Guyanese will vote in early general and regional elections to elect a new government come next year but failed to name a date for those elections; saying he did not want to disrupt the spirit of Christmas.

“The President’s address was a waste of time. The President wasted 15 minutes of Guyanese time by speaking and saying nothing… he has called for elections without naming a date,” Harmon vented shortly after the declaration by the President.

The APNU GS, during a telephone interview with iNews said the Head of State was “shooting breeze” and urged him to either get on with naming a date for general and regional elections or get out of office.

The Opposition has been pushing for the retirement of the current 22 – year – old administration and had brought a No – Confidence Motion against the Donald Ramotar led government.

But as the Opposition was getting ready to debate the vote of no confidence, the President used his constitutional powers and prorogued the Parliament; a move that has been regarded as highly unconstitutional by the Opposition.

Today the President explained that because the objectives of the prorogation, which included engaging the Opposition in dialogue had failed, his next option is to call elections instead of recalling the 10th Parliament.

“He has called for elections without ending the prorogation… what does he expect in this vacuum that he has created?” Harmon questioned; adding that “President Ramotar has confirmed what people felt for a long time, he is a waste of time in the Presidential office. Its time he call elections so we can have a President that will make decisions in the interest of the country.”

It seems all political Parties are in agreement that early general elections, which are not constitutionally due until November 2016, would break the current political gridlock.

Mr. Ramotar, who heads a minority government, says he is no only confident of winning the next elections but is also sure of regaining his majority. On this note, he reasoned that Guyanese have learnt over the last three years from outcomes of having a majority opposition.

In rejection, Harmon said the President’s hope is a “pipe dream.”

“The president and all the R’s in the PPP, Ramotar, Rohee, Robert, Robeson, Ramsammy and all of these Rs are wasting our time,” Harmon told iNews.

He opined that the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has no plan for Guyana and is basically trying a thing.

“He tried a thing when he prorogued Parliament and realized it was a mistake and now he trying a thing with elections.”

Harmon urged the President to name a date for elections now if he is so confident of a majority win at the next elections.

Efforts made to contact Opposition Leader, David Granger for a comment on this matter proved futile.


  1. They are fighting in the public but no results. The ministers will remain ministers. Take it to the disciplinary committee and they will be dismiss. The disciplinary committee is more opposition than government but I guess the don’t have proper grounds and so they must resolve to misinforming the public.

  2. Sly ..

    Galfromna joker . said granger is someone he can trust hahahahaha.
    grnager knows nothing about ballot box killings.
    ‘granger knows nothing about wismar massacre
    granger knows nothing about black friday
    granger knows nothing nothing nothing lol

  3. Which part of the world you come from, have you not heard and seen him do that in parliament and nothing came of it, because the PPP/C in government. It is a waste of time. You have to fight the PPP/C in the public eyes and if they got nothing to hide then release the projects and deals for all Guyana to see.

  4. I hear you, about having no allegiances. Granger has distinguished him self as some one who I can trust. Any person with a brain would look at Guyana and know that all the parties got to do is compromise and be on the same page. Ramotar and the PPP/C got a lot to hide. if not then skin up the projects the Oppositions asking for and done with the story.

  5. Galfroma, only a twit like you can post such short comment . Just like your presidential hopefuls granjah and nagaman . One line reply to the PRESIDENT and one sentence no confidence from the nagaman

  6. Galfromna here here get me right wen responding to my blog lol..
    i am no fan of rohee-ramotar-naga moottoo the cack eye bana who want to rule guyana badly.
    here here now..i ent no fan of granger ballot box..i aint no fan of greenidge food ban. ..wee my main man hammie greed is another animal all togheter..he doing life to suffer long before death lol
    if ppp and pnc dont have young brains then where is guyana heading..picture this..hammie green as president along with greenidge again as finance man..i wont ask u to take a look at g/town but the entire guyana..smelling the stench yet? seeing Guy Lines all over Guyana ? close your eyes and picture it in your mind..PPP is the far lesser of the evil thing called PNC.LOL

  7. Joseph Harmon….the PPPc will win this elections with flying colors regaining its majority seats making you and your cronies insignificant and of no value. So shout how much you can cause all you doing is ‘shooting shit’ in your own face.

  8. Allegations and accusations are not skinning up. If that was skinning up the what is stopping Granger from filing reports. Why Granger didn’t report to the Parliament disciplinary committee. Is Granger that dunce that he don’t know the power he have at his disposal.

  9. Special gifts for Christmas,,Gay i along with all the readers can see from what comes out of your dead brain,have ask Santa to give you a wake up gift,A BRAIN’,,I will also chip in some TICK POWDER,LICE SPRY,,and some Votes,,,The tick powder is for the PPPc who sucking the nation,,,and just for you the lice spray ,,I can see the lice have you busy picking and scratching so SAD you cant think,,,to answer your question the PPP have your ppl in the news, its your kind who are the victims of the crime, its your kind who cant sleep and live in peace,,its your kind who are forced to hide all the gold you work hard to buy ,,,,oh gray i live happy ,,,

  10. The ppp is a set of dunces that is why they trying to thief and afc and apnu skinning them up left right and center go opposition go

  11. Ramotar has already committed political suicide he is only left to be buried, and this will take place next election in 2015 sweet dreams Ramotar

  12. Joseph Harmon is a jackass and as such what can you expect from him. so jackass why don`t you shut up and wait for the president to do his thing, you are not the boss ok, the president will make his announcement when he feel it`s the right time.

  13. When people realize they lost out on something, they say anything to justify their situation. The PNC needs to take a hard look at itself by first getting rid of Granger as leader and others like Harmon. These two are supposed to be military men but they are extremely poor strategists. Granger did not earn his “stripes” Burnham and later Hoyte handed them to him as personal rewards. When Haji MacClean realized he was cornered in the witness box at the Rodney Inquiry he tried to remind the attorney that he earned his rank of Major General. Guyanese are now convinced what he did to earn that rank. Either he took it himself or it was handed to him as a gift.

    The opposition which includes the PNC never saw Ramotar’s strategy. This happens when people (the PNC) are fixed in your ways and uncertain about compromise. The opposition took the wrong decision by not engaging in the game.

    If Ramotar is “shooting breeze” Harmon is certainly pissing towards the wind.

  14. Thus is another opposition politician that will regret after the election next year. The opposition is so stupid that they now have done power and instead to prolong their power they are cutting it short.

  15. Joseph Harmon, Every time you open your ugly mouth is sheer Froth coming out.
    Your brain is as warp as your face. It seems as though your face and your brain is yet to develop to regular human being. What is wrong with your understanding? The wise President has only made an announcement, he cannot announce elections date while the Prorogation period is still on. The wise man wouldn’t reconvene Parliament. The wise President hasn’t dissolve Parliament yet. The wise man has been making extremely good decisions for the betterment of all Guyana. By the way mr. ugly, we make him President, so you don’t get to say when he should leave the people’s office. Furthermore, The Elected President, in all his wisdom know that he has to consult with Election commission (GECOM) before he sets a date. The Government is fully aware that GECOM is not ready and prepare for Elections.
    The Public Relation Officer of GECOM Mr. Richard Francois (coolie boy) reported
    that 925 new registrations, 222 corrections, and 152 transfers within the first week of the 7th cycle. According to the gentle man, the cycle will last for approximately three months which will see its conclusion on feb. 21 2015. Let it be known, we will be videoing every polling stations.
    Did you send one of your soldiers to prospect the AG’s office? Are you guys planning to terrorize us?

  16. APNU and it’s partner AFC wasted all the opportunities for national development since the last general election . They both blocked crucial development programmes about which all Guyanese know. So the question Harmon should ask is ” Who wasted the golden opportunities in and out of parliament for Guyana’ a further development? It’s all clear for all to see. The opposition attended parliament only for the lavish refreshment at every sitting. Harmon, why don’t you stop wasting time blaming the President?

  17. PNC Granger PNC Harmon are all waste of time…PNC blogger andrew the bunom horse shit eater should teach their people not to be criminals…even at their tender age they are committing some vicious crimes..andrew you pnc crab dog read this link..


    A 12-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy are each facing a number of charges, accused of robbing two women and trying to kidnap a baby in Scarborough’s Guildwood neighbourhood.

    Read more: http://www.cp24.com/news/girl-12-and-boy-14-charged-with-robbing-two-women-trying-to-kidnap-baby-1.2133968#ixzz3L9PYwdSv

    andrew is it ppp and collie doing bad things to your people that caused them to be criminals? how long more will you cry holler and bawl your black pnc crab louse guts that is collie and ppp make these things happen to your people.


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