“Ramjattan’s accusations damages Parliament’s integrity” – Teixeira writes Speaker

AFC Executive Member & Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman and AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan.
Government Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira
Government Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Government Chief Whip and Presidential Advisor, Gail Teixeira has written to Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, urging him to instruct Leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan to publicly provide proof of which Members of Parliament were offered a $30 million bribe by the ruling People’s Progressive Party.

The AFC leader at his last press conference said, “we have gotten reliable information that the PPP’s answer to the no confidence motion is not what is said , but at least by buying off three parliamentarians at $30M each to vote no rather than yes, and that’s the only way …and that’s the only option they have.”

The main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has vehemently denied that any of its Parliamentarians were offered bribes. Opposition Leader, David Granger even hinted that the AFC might have fabricated the allegations.

The Chief Whip in her letter to the Speaker stated, “However, these pronouncements by Mr. Ramjattan should not be treated solely in the realm of “political turf wars” of political parties– which the Government and the P.P.P. are capable of handling—but more importantly, these accusations bring all Members of Parliament in Guyana in to disrepute, and, in doing so, damages the image and integrity of the entire Guyanese Legislature, including you, as the Speaker.”

She further noted, “It appears that in Mr. Ramjattan’s blind haste to besmirch the government and the PPP he broadsided the entire Legislature and all Members of Parliament.

AFC Executive Member & Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman and AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan.
AFC Executive Member & Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman and AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan.

“This, l have no doubt, must have disturbed you as the Speaker of the National Assembly.

“I am therefore calling on you, sir, as Speaker, to call on M.P. Mr. Ramjattan to publicly retract his statement or provide proof of which Members of Parliament were offered bribes and by whom. Failing which, the Government Members of Parliament will call on him to be taken to the Privilege Committee for besmirching and denigrating the image and integrity of all MPs and the entire National Assembly.”

Ramjattan has since refused to reveal the names of the Parliamentarians who were allegedly offered a bribe.


  1. Ramjattan should be sanctioned for bringing Parliament into disrepute. He said that he has the information then he should release it, either to the police or to the nation. But it appears as if he concoct the whole thing to get attention. Even Granger say that it was a fabrication. Can you really trust Ramjattan and the AFC? Until he brings the proof of a buyout he is a liar, pure and simple. When he brings satisfactory proof I will apologise.

  2. Yu mean people actually giving attention to the political tripe from the chief whip.Every honest Guyanese would tell you without blinking, why parliamentarians either miss important meetings or suddenly fell sick, with the consequence of a “free pass” for the ppp.
    Who in Guyana sees “integrity” in former PNC’ITES , now sitting and voting with the chief whip.
    Is integrity PULL dem across d Floor?
    Integrity gave Ramjattan, Nagamootu and Ramkarran strength to walk away from the ppp.

  3. Can’t agree with you there Emile. The government needs to make sure that Ramjattan is exposed and show the people the kind of character they voted for, and I think they have done their job! If they had stayed quiet it would have still brought your comments to be inked.

  4. why ppp suh stupid? like is pnc trotman will do anything.like if he and pnc really care.its ppp who got them doing it to them. ppp very much afraid to take serious n deadly action against these clowns and the opposition news papers clowns. look how glen lall big to do what he like when he like as long as he like with same could be said of nigel hughes. dem men dis making rings around ppp because they know if ppp take action the US and UK will revoke dem visas. de visas mo important to ppp boys that what opposition doing to the people of guyana

  5. Ramjattan simply reported that someone leaked to him information that the corrupt PPP, which has bought politicians and public servants, was ATTEMPTING to buy the support of three opposition MPs to vote NO on the no-confidence motion. He never made the allegation; he simply said what he told.
    Now, when you consider the government’s ongoing hysterical response to the revelation, you have to conclude that there might be some truth to the report. Otherwise, it would have simply dismissed the report as another AFC cry for attention. Look closely at all their words and see a party scrambling to cover its ass. There are deep throats in the PPP who don’t like the way the party is heading and are willing to upset the show if only to force it to change course.

  6. ramjattan is sure that it is not his afc parliamentarians who have been offered the bribe; he is therefore implying that it is apnu. granger is therefore correct in describing it as a fabrication,rather than allowing ramjattan to besmirch the character of his parliamentarians. as an old soldier granger must be acquainted with the indian chief’s saying”a man who betrays his friends cannot be trusted by his enemies”

  7. The chief whip could not have been more right! Mr. Ramjatan has crossed the boundary on this occasion and needs to be taken to task and not be encouraged to continue with baseless rumors. Maybe his mental stability really is at a questionable all time low but a pardon is absolutely out of the question, there has to be a code of conduct that parliamentarians should follow and he Ramjattsn has crossed it! Regardless of the countless letter and opinions of corruption, the PPP has a proven, tried, tested and successful track record. The efforts of the opposition and writers on various blogs is the last ditch attempts at maligning the works of a successful PPP party and government. With all the corruption theories, tell me when and where the allegations have been proven?? Instead of taking to the streets in protest of something that is working, maybe you should take a look at yourselves in the mirror and ask yourself the questions…. Am I being truthful to myself or to the cause of this country? Or am I just thirsty for power, money and filled with hatred?


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