Ramjattan not yet confirmed as PM candidate – Granger

AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan, President David Granger, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo during the 2015 elections campaign.

Leader of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) President David Granger this morning said he has not yet decided on his running mate for the upcoming elections.

Alliance For Change (AFC) Leader Khemraj Ramjattan recently told reporters that he is confident of being the Prime Ministerial Candidate for the APNU/AFC coalition for the 2020 polls.

However, some quarters of the APNU have expressed preference for incumbent Prime Minister Nagamootoo.

Commenting on the situation, President Granger said “The APNU and the AFC are now discussing the Cummingsburg Accord of 2015 and this is one of the issues that will have to be discussed. But I cannot say now who I will be running with.”

When asked about if the PM candidate will be selected from the AFC, President Granger noted: “it is not prudent to anticipate the outcome of negotiations.”

“The major aspect is that the two groups, the APNU and the AFC, should abide by the Constitution of Guyana. That is the principle foundation of any agreement, nothing in the Accord should collide with the Constitution…but no names (for AFC PM candidate as yet).”

Earlier this week, Ramjattan had told the media that that he remains confident in his supporters ensuring that he is formally declared the Prime Ministerial Candidate in the upcoming elections, regardless of the fact that the APNU has not endorsed him to date.

After Ramjattan’s selection as the AFC’s prime ministerial candidate in waiting a few months ago, Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson had contended that APNU is duty-bound to accept Ramjattan as President Granger’s running mate as long as the Cummingsburg Accord is in effect.

But President Granger this morning said selection of his prime ministerial is not automatic and depends on the outcome of the negotiations of the Cummingsburg Accord.

The PNC has shown a dogged preference for the incumbent, Moses Nagamootoo. This has manifested in APNU officials making public statements in support of the Prime Minister.

PNC heavyweight and Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence had stated publicly that while AFC has elected Ramjattan as its next prime ministerial candidate, APNU and AFC have not discussed the development.