Ramjattan, Nagamootoo, Nigel & Cathy Hughes in battle for AFC Leadership


L - R: AFC Executive Member, Beverly Alert; AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan and Cathy Hughes. [iNews' Photo]
L – R: AFC Executive Member, Beverly Alert; AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan and Cathy Hughes. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Alliance For Change (AFC) says it held a “high-energy” meeting yesterday, Saturday, October 5, to finalise its strategy as the Party prepares for General Elections early next year.

Representatives from all ten Administrative Regions of Guyana gathered at the Georgetown Club in the city with representatives from the Diaspora joining by Skype to put details to the AFC strategy that will guide the AFC at the 2015 Polls. There were a number of youth and women members of the AFC represented at the meeting.

According to a statement from the Party, the National Executive Committee (NEC) gave total support to the Motion of No Confidence and saw the representatives pledging 100 percent commitment to move the election process forward.

The meeting of the NEC received four nominations for the Presidential Candidate; Khemraj Ramjattan, Nigel Hughes, Moses Nagamootoo and Cathy Hughes.

Nominations received for the Prime Ministerial Candidate were; Raphael Trotman, Nigel Hughes, Cathy Hughes, Dr. Verasammy Ramayya and David Patterson.

General Secretary of the AFC, David Patterson
General Secretary of the AFC, David Patterson
AFC Member, Nigel Hughes
AFC Member, Nigel Hughes

The decision on who will be elected the Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates will be made when the Party holds is biennial National Conference on October 25, 2014.

“All representatives were highly motivated and eager to get back to the Regions to advance the work that will give the AFC the advantage at the next poll,” the AFC statement says.

It was noted that the AFC leadership condemned the minority government for undermining the constitution by refusing to hold local government elections and establishing a procurement commission, as well as unlawfully spending public funds not authorized by the Parliament.

“The meeting also saw the NEC pledging full support for Co-founder and now Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman in the face of a diabolical plot against him.”


  1. de whole thing is a sham to give de impression dat democracy is taking place in de afc. ramjattan done nominate de maan he tink can repeat 2011. passian maan moses nagamootoo [always vex,fake anger] done expose he nakedness to de people he fool de last time; he can’t fool dem again.plain and simple , all he want is ‘high position’ and even if he gat to sell he mother to the devil to get de ‘high position’ he na go hesitate foh sell she. in addition, passian maan moses nagamootoo [ always vex; fake anger] get plenty skeletan in he closet[clausit ; latrine] de ppp gon expose de skeletan weh passian maan moses nagamootoo[always vex; fake anger] a hide in he closet[clausit; latrine]. de only new vote nigel hughes gon bring to de afc is he own vote and he wife vote. all de time dem bin a pnc but deh gon only vote foh afc now because he want turn prime minister.

  2. Nigel and Cathy Hughes not in the running for AFC leadership::
    The PNC in AFC who are Trotman -Nigel & Cathy Hughes-Patterson know the disgruntled ex PPP East Indian supporters who vote Nagamoottoo last election will never vote for Nigel or Cathy Hughes not because they do their illegality in secret like the hydro thing and tax evasion but because of the beating the muggings the sexual molestation East Indians suffered on Agricola Public Rd.
    East Indians will not vote for Nigel Hughes because they know he was the mastermind of that atrocity..
    Because of Ramjattan and Nagamootto silence on that atrocity created and caused by Nigel Hughes AFC will be in a heap of trouble in getting back those East Indian votes..
    Most Guyanese know that Ramjattan is a wounded soon to be disgraced politician who never gained any votes in two election cycles.
    First time around PNC Trotman got the PNC disgrunt votes..
    Second time around Nagamoottoo got the PPP disgrunt votes—Zero vote for Ramgattan.Nada Nil duck egg….
    The PNCites in AFC better hang on for dear life to Nagamoottoo to use him to see if he can get back those PPP disgrunts to vote for him to keep those PNCites in AFC afloat so they can hang on to their cushy positions.
    Hotel Peg owner Badall ent making the kind of money to donate big time to AFC.
    News paper mogul Glen Lall up to he nose in boiling water so he will need all his money and resources to bail him out if possible so his AFC donation will dry up.
    Well Cathy Hughes say the AFC dont need money dont need to campaign to win this thing..She has to know how she will win election without money without campaigning to tell the people how she will Govern.
    Well as I stated above Nigel and Cathy Hughes does things in secrets and silence.
    Finally the PNC is dead buried and start rotting from its head.
    If Dagger and Green-age is PNC have then it mean PNC have nothing..
    Maybe the once would be crown Prince would be King in waiting Hammie Green should take his last stab at it to see if he would be King.

  3. ‘Diabolical plot’?
    The only devilish plot here is to call Junior Welshman a liar.
    If this boy was molested at age twelve, justice must prevail.
    The onus is on Mr Trotman to prove innocence and NOT to muzzle Mr Welshman.
    The only devilish (diabolical plot) here is to vilify the(a) victim.
    It is sad when men in towering position in society, use these powers to literally strangulate the poor and helpless.
    Seems like Mr Trotman is doing exactly that.


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