Ramjattan has “crippled” community policing groups; PPP says crime situation is abominable

PPP's General Secretary, Clement Rohee and Vice President, Khemraj Ramjattan.

By Fareeza Haniff

PPP's General Secretary, Clement Rohee and Vice President, Khemraj Ramjattan.
PPP’s General Secretary, Clement Rohee and Vice President, Khemraj Ramjattan.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee has taken Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan to task over Guyana’s crime situation, accusing him of “crippling” Community Policing Groups (CPGs).

Rohee, who is also General Secretary of the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP), told a news conference on Monday, August 24 that the promise by the APNU+AFC government to improve CPGS in Guyana is a “total fallacy.”

According to Rohee, “In the 2015 Budget there is no provision under Capital for Community Policing Organization of Guyana. Contrary to what Ramjattan told the National Assembly that the vehicles seized from the CPGs and handed over to the police would be returned to the CPGs and that there is provision in the 2015 budget for additional vehicles. Ramjattan has actually crippled the CPGs.”

The former Home Affairs Minister noted that apart from taking away vehicles assigned to the CPGs, Ramjattan has dismissed a number of Liaison Officers and replaced them with AFC activists “who have tainted police records.”

He further noted that the Granger administration should come clean and let the Guyanese people know that they have “failed miserably in addressing crime in Guyana and that all the talk about a plan being ‘fine-tuned’ and that a “five point plan” was being implemented means nothing to the Guyanese people when every day of its 100 Days Action Plan crime is reeling out of control.”

In providing his statistics, it was noted that for the first hundred days of the APNU+AFC Coalition Government, there were 147 serious crimes including twenty-six (26) murders, five (5) attempted murders, thirty-nine (39) robbery under arms, eight (8) cases of seized firearms and twenty-one (21) possession of narcotics occurred.

“The situation has deteriorated to the extent where residents at the Corentyne, Berbice took to the streets to protest the lack of security and protection and called for the dismissal of Ramjattan as Public Security Minister. Many people see him as completely hopeless and unsuitable for the job,” Rohee said.



  1. What are you insinuating???. Let me guess Amen-Ra Jattan is qualified for this post.

    If so why can’t he have a 5 point plan to curb the excalating crime rate???. His eyes are too kocked to notice crime has risen.

  2. You people who are supporting Ramjattan is just like him CACK EYE could not see the REAL REALITY you all just jumping around and talking nonsense, The Idiot should leave the Ministry , he is a DEAD failure
    He have to respect Rohee at all time, When compare Rohee to him , Rohee is like god to him

  3. Ramjattan a lawyer whom represent criminals to put a stain on police to damage the then ruling PPP/C is now security minister is nothing but a joke and insult to all Guyanese. Ramjattan getting the taste of bitter reality on crime fighting since he was one of the callers for the then home affairs minister to resign. This Ramjattan guy never raised a voice when his comrade Nigel Hughes ordered an ultimatum to PPP/C to have Rohee then then home affairs minster resign within twenty four hours. PPP/C did not give in to Nigel Hughes demand and Agricola atrocity was perpetrated on innocent Indian Guyanese on Agricola public road ordered by Nigel Hughes. Ramjattan should stick to what he knows best on fighting for the rights of well known criminals.


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