Ramjattan assures security tight at Camp St. brick prison


In light of the on-going ruckus that was created earlier today (Tuesday) by the prisoners who were transferred from the Lusignan Prison walled area to the brick building located in the compound of the Camp Street Prison, Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan has given all assurances that law enforcement officials will be guarding inside and outside of the location 24 hours to prevent another breakout.

“Definitely, they will be there 24 hours and they will be backed up. We don’t want a breakout again. There are more or less in a lock down position so that’s probably what’s causing the difficulties with them,” he told INews today.

In addition, the Minister noted that the prisoners had been sanitised after leaving the Lusignan Prison and before entering the Camp Street Penitentiary.

“They don’t have cell phones. They don’t have a number of the things that they had. They were sanitised this morning before they went into the prison…so it is important that we understand that. They were sanitised at Lusignan and then re-sanitised back at the prison [Camp Street] . So they are without all of the instruments and cell phones and other things that they had before.”

Earlier today, there were reports of prisoners creating a ruckus at the Camp Street prison. When INews visited the scene, police officers were seen surrounding the block outside of the Penitentiary.

Sunday evening, 13 hardcore prisoners escaped from the holding area in Lusignan by digging a hole under the wall. Thus far, seven of them have been recaptured.

A manhunt is still on-going for the remaining six; in addition to the four who escaped from lawful custody on July 9 after staging an attack on Correctional Officers at the Camp Street Prison and setting the penitentiary alight.

Those being hunted are; Clive Forde, Shawn Harris, Kerry Cromwell, Pascal Smith,  Kendall Skeet,Paul Goriah, Mark Durant Williams, Uree Varswyck, Stafrei Hopkinson Alexander, and Cobena Sephens. (Ramona Luthi)


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