Ramdhani siblings turn to home training in face of COVID-19 restrictions


Like many athletes around the world, Guyana’s national badminton champions Narayan and Priyanna Ramdhani, who are representing the Kings University Eagles and Olds College Broncos in Canada, are trying to keep up with their fitness training as there are limited to no opportunities to play and train on court during the coronavirus pandemic.

When INews last caught up with the racquet-wielding siblings, they shared how they were coping with the restrictions that the coronavirus has brought and even tips for athletes at home in Guyana.

“This is the longest I have been away from badminton; the most I can do is watch badminton,” Narayan had said.

“COVID-19 restrictions made a big impact on my training schedule. I usually train five times a week: three times a week on court and twice a week at the gym for strength training, etc,” Priyanna had added.

Now, a few weeks later, the siblings are still trying unconventional methods in order to stay fit and game ready. The two players are said to be keeping busy training indoors and outdoors when the weather permits.

Currently, their focus is mainly on fitness and other outdoor activities like football, basketball, running, watching a lot of badminton videos, and outdoor specific badminton shots. They are also doing Pan Am Coaches/Athletes online training and courses.

According to their father, Gokarn Ramdhani, at the moment they are also eagerly awaiting a flight to return to Guyana for their holidays before having to return to Canada to continue their studies and badminton programmes.

However, the 2020-2021 season hangs in the balance, since it is uncertain whether or not clearance will be given should the coronavirus pandemic persist.