Ramadan message from CIOG


My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh.

May the Peace, Mercy, and Blessing of Allah (SWT) be upon you all!

On this Blessed occasion, the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan, I wish all Guyanese and especially our Muslim Brothers and Sisters, “Ramadan Kareem!”

Ramadan Mubarak to all our dear Imams, Presidents and Executives of all Masjids and Jamaats, and Leaders of all the Islamic Organizations!

Let us begin by expressing our profound gratitude for the gifts that Ramadan bestows upon us, especially the opportunity to purify our bodies, minds, and hearts so that we can get closer to Allah (SWT), our Creator, the source of all Peace and Happiness.

During Ramadan, our faith (Iman) is manifested through acts of obedience (Islam). We willingly submit to the guidance of Allah (SWT), who made it known in the Holy Quran

Chapter 2: Verse: 183: “O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard (against evil).”

During this Ramadan, let us also strive to practice Ihsan (Excellence in Faith). Ihsan refers to the attainment of perfection, beauty or excellence, in worship and in actions. To achieve this, our every thought and actions must have the intent of being perfectly pleasing to Allah

(SWT). In response to questioning from the Angel Jibreel, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) affirmed: “Excellence is to worship Allah as if you see him, for if you do not see him, he surely sees you.” (Vol. 1, Book 2, Hadith 48)

Let us perform every prayer knowing that Allah (SWT) is looking. Let us utter every word and perform every act with absolute certainty that Allah (SWT) is hearing and observing us.

May our prayers, charity and fasting cleanse us of all physical, mental, and emotional toxins.

May Allah (SWT) grant us the wisdom to let go of anything that hinders or prevents us from attaining Perfect Peace and Harmony. When we contemplate the Magnificence of Allah

(SWT) nothing should bother, worry, or disturb us. When we practice Excellence in Faith, we are steadfast in the conviction that loving and obeying Allah (SWT) brings us perfect guidance, protection, and wellbeing. Let us express our love for Allah (SWT) by being extremely kind to all his creation. Comfort those who are sick or sad or afraid. Feed those who are hungry. Protect the orphans, widows, and elderly. Be kind and compassionate to all people, animals, and the universe. Be caring of the environment, the trees and plants that provide us with oxygen and sustenance. When we display mercy and love, then we shall receive same in return.

I pray that Allah (SWT) gives us the strength and health to fast throughout the Holy month of

Ramadan and to stand in prayers during the nights of Ramadan.

Once again, Ramadan Mubarak! Ramadan Mubarak! Ramadan Mubarak! May Allah (SWT) bless, guide, and protect us, and have mercy on us all. May Allah (SWT) bless our country and the entire world.


Al-Hajj Shahabudeen Ahmad

President CIOG