Race Based Politics: APNU says the ruling PPP/C must be ostracized and denied votes at the polls


Congress Pic[www.inewsguyana.com] – The main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – has warned that any political party that continues to fan the flames of ethnic insecurity and racial fear in Guyana must be ostracized and made to pay a political price at the polls.

 APNU, in response to a release from the PPP on Wednesday, says it views the remarks made by the Peoples Progressive Party- PPP/C  as racists, slanderous, libelous and that of a party that is out of touch with reality.

“APNU strongly condemns the statement that has been attributed to the PPP/C in a release captioned: Granger ready to make the Demerara River red with blood if he is elected president.”

The Party regarded the contents of the PPP’s release as total fabrication that the leadership of A Partnership for National Unity has “issued serious threats to Indian and Chinese businesses in an effort to frighten investors.”Rally

It is a total fabrication; “that Mr. Granger indicated he will go on a witch hunt and through his lynch mob, would throw due process out the window.” 

APNU says what is true is that in Guyana, the Peoples Progressive Party- Civic has failed most seriously to address the Country’s most pressing problems- the public security crisis. “The party has not accepted responsibility for the high rate of armed robberies, murderous maritime piracy, rampant gun-running, trafficking in persons, contraband smuggling, drug trafficking and other violent and white collar crimes.”

Taken together with its seven year tenure from 1957-1964, the PPP has now wielded executive power over the people of this country for 29 years, a statement from the APNU added.

The Party said too that the PPP over that time has impaired regulatory and law enforcement agencies- such as the Guyana Police Force, Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Guyana Energy Agency- by depriving them of adequate assets and financing to such an extent as to diminish their capability to function effectively. “These are facts- not slander!”

APNU feels strongly that anyone or any political party that continues to fan the flames of ethnic insecurity and racial fear in Guyana must be ostracized and made to pay a political price at the polls.

 “After more than a half of a century, we all know that this type of politics is detrimental to our national development. Statement like those attributed to the PPP/C must meet with immediate rejection from all sectors of the society; the clergy, the media, the private sector, and political groups. Such remarks are dangerous and are directly responsible for Guyana’s continuing to be a land of potential and not a land of great progress. Ethic insecurity and race based politics have robbed us of reaching our full potential as a nation.”



  1. Well said jai! These Terrorists think we have a short memory. They will pay for their wicked deeds. The opposition is here with only one intention, to fight the PPP with hate. And some of the indo-guyanese who are thinking again to support the afc , think again , you are supporting the Terrorists…..granger and his gang…He will definitely destroy us if he got into power!!!!

  2. In the eyes of the majority of Guyanese, the PNC is nothing but TERRORISTS. People like Hamilton Green, Granger, Greenige Harmon, Corbin, etc, etc. have been terrorizing the Guyanese population especially the indo Guyanese for decades. Now the PNC is using the street as their pulpit. I can hear those PNC followers responding to their leaders, AMEN,WE MEN,THIEF MEN, AMEN, AMEN, WE LOOT MEN, AMEN. What hypocrites! How dare you mention contraband? The word contraband makes my blood boils! CONTRABAND!!!! Who was it that terrorized and try everything they know to kill the Indians in Guyana? You the PNC tried to starve us, but we’re stronger. It was a big crime for us to eat or be caught with flour,peas, channa, tomato paste, sardine, mackerel, onion, garlic, BREAD/TENNIS ROLL, cake, potato, etc. etc. Forget? how can we forget? I personally have forgiven you PNC for your criminality and terrorist action, but I have’t forgotten your wicked deeds. Could I forget people like Granger and Harmon with their army boots kicking down our doors, raping indian daughters in front the Indian father, raping wives in front the husband, while the poor coolie man was forced to watch the ordeal. There are times when they would even take Indian virgin daughters along with the booty. My heart bleeds remembering what the PNC did to us.

  3. How can someone like granger or a party like CRAPNU even begin to offer advice or advise this nation of how this county should be run? CRAPNU/PNC during your 27 years of rule used brute force to ensure that power never slipped away from their grasp. That this party and it’s members even supported kick down the door bandits and encouraged crime is even more reason to ignore any comments or suggestions for national development should also be ignored from this party and its band of charlatans. Imagine a call by a party member of CRAPNU that businesses should be shut down if it does not support CRAPNU?? How very democratic of you!!! The proof is in the pudding. Guyanese! Do you want another failing economy under the CRAPNU/AFC charlatans. Or would you prefer to see continued development which is clear for the eyes to see. An economy that continues to grow despite attempts by the opposition to sabotage same. I for one can’t imagine you would want to return to life pre 1992!

  4. I was wondering if Granger was sleeping in Parliament when Greenidge was issuing these treats or is he suffering from amnesia. Since he is so forgetful then it would be better not to be the leader because he might forget every promise he makes.


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