Queenstown Village residents panic as ex-soldier fires shots indiscriminately


Thirty-four-year-old Joel Benjamin, an ex-soldier from Queenstown Village in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) is presently hospitalised and under Police guard at the Suddie Public Hospital after he indiscriminately fired several rounds in the air with his father’s licensed firearm.

According to information reaching INews, the incident reportedly occurred around 14:00h on Wednesday. Benjamin allegedly broke into his father’s house and unknowing to him, stole his 12 gauge shotgun. He began to indiscriminately fire several rounds in the air.

GUNAccording to information received, the Police arrived promptly on the scene and the suspect began firing in their direction. For hours he resisted Police arrest. The Police were then required to use necessary force and opened fire on the suspect.

However, the shots from the Police did not injure him. After three hours of chaos, the Police finally managed to arrest Benjamin.
During his arrest, the suspect received a laceration to his lip. It was reported that the suspect appeared to be under the influence of drugs, hence the reason for his unusual behaviour.

The shotgun is presently lodged at the Police station and Benjamin will soon face the necessary charges.

According to villagers, the sudden onslaught of gunshots had many of them scared and lying for hours on the ground, fearful for their lives.
One villager related that she was so afraid, she thought that she would have died, having heard the countless gun shots that were fired.






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