PYO salutes Muhammad Ali

One of Guyana’s premier youth organisation, the Progressive Youth Organization (PYO), wishes to express its profound sadness at the passing of one of the world’s most celebrated athletes and personalities who has not only reshaped the corridors of history but has left an indelible impression on the minds of young people across the world.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, who passed away at 74, used every fiber in his being to fight against social injustices, economic inequalities and racism within a developing America and further afield, the PYO said in a statement.

He also believed strongly that young people were indeed the future architects of a modern world where peace and human justice prevails, and persons regardless of their nationalities are allowed to practice their religious beliefs without facing systemic and legal discrimination.
The PYO notes Ali’s unwavering commitment to the Civil Rights Movement in America which has since the 1960’s led to so many changes and reforms within the American political system that have seen minorities there receiving equal rights and respect.
“We believe strongly that youths here and abroad can learn a lot of lessons from the humility, coverage and perseverance, commitment to excellence in sports, politics and overall drive of Muhammad Ali,” the PYO stated.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali

As one of the principled and key youth organizations in Guyana, the PYO said it believes there are many similarities between its overall agenda at the time of its establishment and even now, and Ali’s struggle for justice and rejection of racism.

“We will therefore continue in Guyana to fight against the current political oppressors and other forces who have launched an anti-youth campaign aimed at stifling the potential of Guyanese youth, dismissing them on the basis of their race and political affiliation while threatening them into silence as the economy moves further into decline,” the PYO said.
The PYO therefore salutes this iconic boxing champion whose life will no doubt serve as an inspiration to youth to continue to strive to accomplish their dreams and ambitions.


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